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How to operate the saw correctly?

- Jul 11, 2018 -

How to operate the saw correctly?

1. Carefully study the operation manual and operate in strict accordance with the requirements.

2. The new machine must be grinded for more than 20 hours and the mixing oil ratio is 20:1.
When used normally, the mixture ratio is 25:1.
When you buy the correps saw, you will have professional staff to give detailed answers. In addition, there are instructions in it. Please read carefully before operating the saw.

3. Check the screws and other parts before use, and check whether the saw blade installation meets the requirements, so as to prevent backcutting.

4. When standing under the tree, people are strictly prohibited. Pay attention to the falling direction of the tree and try to keep it away from buildings and pedestrians so as to prevent falling trees from hurting people.

5. When standing on a high tree trunk, hold on to the saw.

6. Wipe and maintain the saw after each use.

7. Make regular maintenance after warehousing.
Keep maintenance records.


Above is today the main lubricate the chain saw and don't you say or how to operate much money, but also for chain saw the installation of wooden teeth illustrates, hope that we can according to the correct steps to avoid more problems.

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