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How to replace sprocket of oil saw again?

- Nov 10, 2018 -

How to replace sprocket of oil saw again?

Introduction of sprocket and sprocket replacement
Sprocket of oil saw is one of the commonly used parts of oil saw. Its specification is mainly divided by chainsaw and bore size.
There are mainly large holes (22MM) and small holes (19MM) on the hole diameter.
Some of the sprocket wheels of the early oil saws were also integrated with the clutch cup, such as 81 large machines and 45 integrated clutch cup, which is a combination of sprocket and clutch cup.
As the loss of the clutch cup passive plate is not as large as the sprocket, in order to save the cost of replacing the sprocket chain wheel, and a clutch cup passive plate can match several sprocket chain saws models, now most sprocket and the clutch cup independent molding.
How to solve the heat problem of oil saw guide plate and chain?
How to replace sprocket of oil saw again?


The two most common specifications of sprocket of oil saw are small holes 325-7 and small holes 3/8-7, and the diameter of domestic forest farm trees also determines that 325 and large 3/8 are the main models of chain distance of oil saw.
The price of sprocket made in China is also relatively affordable.

The sprocket of the oil saw is usually installed behind the clutch cup, so it is necessary to remove the clutch before replacing the sprocket.
The clutch screw of the oil saw is an anti-tooth nut. In general, a clockwise OFF arrow is printed on the clutch, which means to loosen and disassemble when rotating clockwise, while the opposite is to lock.
In general, the clutch and crankshaft of the oil saw are tightened with screw glue when assembled. Therefore, special tools are needed for normal disassembly and disassembly: electric or pneumatic wrench and three-tooth sleeve with 24 or 26 diameters.
The three-tooth sleeve with a diameter of 24 or 26 can be made on its own, and the sleeve with a diameter of 24 or 26 can be cut off to the separated three sides so that it can just jam the clutch.
If you do not have the above tools, you can also take better percussion and stress tools, such as T rod sleeve plus a hammer, along the clutch along the OFF arrow clockwise knock, this method is more difficult to disassemble, require some patience and strength skills, and the best before hitting a hot air gun heating a screw.
After replacing sprocket for tool safety remember clutch must be locked.

No matter what problems occur in the parts of the saw, they should not be ignored to avoid causing big trouble.
Buy good parts, must buy the factory parts of production or assembly machine, so that is guaranteed.


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