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How to replace the mower engine oil?

- Jul 07, 2018 -

How to replace the mower engine oil?

Lawn mower use after a period of time, as the dust in the air and lawn mower wear metal scrap into the oil and the oil is heated, sports, its various performance will decline, such as oil change not in time, will accelerate the lawn mower wear and tear, reduce the service life of the lawn mower, even will cause the cylinder, connecting rod breaking, and so on and so forth.
Therefore, the oil should be replaced within the period specified in the manual to ensure the normal use of the mower.
Today, we'll talk about how to change the oil in the mower engine.

We all know that the metamorphic engine oil will greatly shorten the service life of the sliding parts and rotating parts, to ensure the quality of inspection replacement period and replacement, generally, when just shut down the engine, the engine body and engine oil is hot.
When changing the oil, make sure the main body of the engine and engine oil have been fully cooled, otherwise it may cause burns.
Note: if the oil exceeds the limit, it may be contaminated or catch fire under the action of white smoke.

Change interval: change every 20 hours at the beginning, and change every 50 hours later.

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When changing oil, the following steps can be followed:

1) make sure the oil tank cover is tight.

2) place the large container (oil pan, etc.) under the oil drain hole.

3) remove the discharge bolt, then remove the oil cover, tilt the gasoline mower (cutting irrigation machine) towards the oil injection hole, then drain the oil, and collect the oil into the container.
At this point, make sure there is no misalignment of the drain bolt gasket or any removed components.

4) when all the oil is drained, install the washer and drain bolts, and tighten the drain bolts, so as not to loose and cause oil leakage.
Use a rag to wipe the bolts and the oil off the equipment completely.

5) set the engine level and gradually inject new oil to its upper limit mark.

6) after oil injection, firmly cover the oil cap to prevent oil leakage caused by loosening.
If the oil cap is not covered tightly, it may leak out.

Important matters concerning engine oil

-- do not throw the replaced engine oil into the garbage can, soil or sewage.
There are laws and regulations on the treatment of engine oil, and relevant laws and regulations should be complied with all the time.
If in doubt, please contact the authorized service agent.

Even unused oil can go bad.
Please check and replace it regularly (change new oil every 6 months).

Finally, remind everybody must not use inferior machine oil lest appear the unnecessary trouble such as mower pull cylinder, must choose special machine oil.
Any questions about mower, mower accessories and so on are welcome to consult us.

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