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How to solve the problem of chainsaw chain heating?

- Apr 10, 2018 -

How to solve the problem of chainsaw chain heating?

Many people at the time of the oil saw work, encountered the temperature of the guide plate too high to hot or hot condition, so the temperature of the guide plate is too high to heat or hair hot this situation is what reason?In fact, the oil saw guide plate in the use of hot and even hot, is the oil saw maintenance frequently encountered problems.I'm going to talk to you today about how to deal with this situation.

Heating the fundamental cause of the problem is too much friction, chain saw itself possess a lube oil supply system, so the oil supply system is not normal work is often the cause of hot plate with a chain saw.Such as damaged oil pipe leakage, the oil filter head block, oil pump, oil pump nozzle gland not level off, the oil pump nozzle gland paper breakage, guide the oil hole jam and so on these cases are caused by the oil supply is normal.

The following are some of the causes and solutions that may cause the chainsaw guide and the chainsaw chain fever:

1. Insufficient oil supply or oil.

Solution: add oil in time, clean oil supply road, such as oil filter head, oil pump, oil pipe.In the bottom of the machine oil pump can be used to adjust the oil output size of a single word, generally 60 or 70.

2. Oil hole of the guide plate is blocked or the guide plate groove is blocked.

Solution: clean the wood chips or sundries on the guide board with a blowgun.

3. The width of the guide slot is not matched with the width of the chain guide tooth.

Solution: suggest replacement to match specifications.

4. Uneven bending of guide plate.

Solution: it is recommended to replace the guide plate directly.


Other precautions:

Although the chain saw guide plate between the chain and use of lubricating oil requirements is not high, general engine used oil can be substituted, but the sundries in the oil filter must be clean before use, so as not to cause obstruction.

The oil saw guide plate and chain should not be adjusted too tight or too loose. After the installation, the chain should be attached to the guide plate, and the chain can be pushed freely when using the roxil knife to push the chain.When the chain is set up to pull the chain away from the guide plate, it can pull up about half of the guide tooth.

Pay attention to the width of the guide plate and the guide tooth thickness of the chain. In normal cases, the guide tooth thickness of 325 is 1.5mm, and the majority of the large 3/8 is 1.6mm.

Buy qualified guide board, the quality of the guide plate is generally hard to wear, and the guide plate is flat, there is no bending phenomenon.Buy a good accessory, must buy the factory fittings that produces or assembles whole machine, this is guaranteed.

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