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How to start the mower and what to do if the mower is difficult to start?

- Nov 16, 2018 -

How to start the mower and what to do if the mower is difficult to start?
The earliest lawn mower was human, without power support. In 1805, British prakrit invented the first machine for harvesting grain and cutting weeds. The machine was driven by human beings and driven by gear.
With the development of the weeding industry and the improvement of science and technology, the working capacity of the newly improved mower products has been enhanced a lot, and the speed has been improved a lot, saving the working time of the weeder and saving a lot of human resources.
But the lawn mower is not immune to problems.
How to start the lawn mower and what to do if the machine has trouble starting?
How to start the mower?
1. Check whether the flameout line can be connected properly.
2. When starting in a cold environment, press the damper lever to the "OFF" position;
If the ambient temperature is higher or in the form of a heat engine, the choke handle is in "ON" position (that is, in normal operation).
3. Pump oil: pump oil to the carburetor until the fuel flow can be seen in the return pipe.
4. Gently pull the starter handle until resistance is felt, and then pull hard to start the gasoline engine.
Do not pull the starter roughly, because a discontinuous pull will create a spark plug ignition discontinuity, the machine cannot start.
5. Gradually hit the damper lever to the position of "ON", and the engine will be jolted to the running of the machine.
6. Adjust the throttle handle to control the size of the accelerator, so that the cutting irrigation machine reaches the appropriate speed, and the weeding work can be stopped.
Do not pull the starter handle during operation, as high speed rotating parts can damage the starter.
7. Stop: first hit the throttle handle to the low speed position, and then hit the stop switch to the "OFF" position to stop.


The safe operation procedure of the mower
A. Wear leg warmers, rubber shoes and task clothes.
B. during the start and operation of the machine, clutter items and clothing are not allowed to be placed near the blade, and no one is allowed within a radius of 7-8 meters of the task area.
C. do not move the moving machine.
D. when starting, operate at low speed for 1-3 minutes before loading. When no load, do not operate at high speed.


Two, mower cannot start, how to do?
First use spark plug spanner, remove the spark plug on the high pressure cap to make the spark plug electrode iron, pull the gasoline engine to see if the spark plug has fire.
If there is no fire, please replace the spark plug or check the flameout switch to start the gasoline engine when it is sure that there is fire and oil compression is normal.
There are three main reasons for the difficulty in starting up the four-stroke gasoline engine: abnormal fuel system of the mower, abnormal ignition system of the mower and irrigation machine, abnormal cylinder compression of the mower and irrigation machine.
1. Abnormal fuel system is a common cause of startup difficulties. Please note the following:
A. Whether fuel is injected into the oil box of the lawn mower, whether the oil switch is open, and whether the air opening of the oil box cover is blocked.
B. Turn on the carburetor intake hole of the lawn mower and check whether the carburetor intake oil or not, and check whether the carburetor main flow hole and start-up hole are blocked.
C. Whether the fuel is added correctly or the fuel quality is poor, and whether the oil is dull.
2. The ignition system of cutting irrigation machine, please pay attention to the following points:
A. Whether the spark plug can ignite normally.
B. whether there is a fire in the ignition coil.
C. whether the flameout switch is in the ON position.
3. Cylinder compression of cutting irrigation machine is not normal, please pay attention to the following points:
A. Whether the cylinder sealing is good and whether the joint surface has air leakage.
B. Whether the valve of the cutting irrigation machine is leaky.
C. whether the piston ring is broken.
Therefore, in order to avoid difficult start up of the mower, it is necessary to clean or replace the air filter cleaner frequently, use qualified gasoline, adjust spark plug gap and engine, and do a good job in the maintenance of the mower.

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