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How to use petrol telescopic pole pruner

- Mar 16, 2018 -

How to use petrol telescopic pole pruner

For short, it is one of the most common garden machines for pruning trees in landscaping.It is one of the most difficult and dangerous machines.Therefore, it is very important to use the high branch saw correctly.

The following are some of the questions to be noted for your reference.

When the refrigerator is started, the choke should be opened, and the door should not be blocked by the hot car, and the manual oil pump should be pressed more than 5 times.

In a safe position, place the machine motor support and hook ring on the ground. If necessary, place the hook ring in a higher position and remove the chain protection device. The chain cannot touch the ground or other objects.

Choose a safe place to stand, use your left hand to press the machine on the ground with your left hand, thumb under the fan's shell, don't step on the protective tube, and don't kneel on the machine.

Slowly pull out the starting line until it stops moving, then pull it out quickly and forcefully.

If the carburetor is adjusted properly, the cutting tool chain cannot be rotated at idle position.

When the load is empty, the throttle should be pushed to the idle or small throttle position to prevent the phenomenon of flying cars.Put the gas on the gas at work.

When the oil in the oil tank is fully refilled, the manual pump will be pressed at least 5 times before restarting.


When trimming, cut off the mouth first, then cut the upper mouth, in case of saws.

When cutting, cut the branches below.Heavy or large branches should be cut in sections.

When the operation is done, the right hand clenches the handle. The left hand holds the handle naturally and the arm is as straight as possible.Machine with the ground form the Angle of not more than 60 °, but also cannot too low Angle, otherwise it is not easy to operation.

4. In order to avoid damage to the bark, sawing machine rebound or chain clamp, when the shear coarse branches in the following first side saw a discharge load of incision, which is the end of guide plate cutting out a curved incision.

⒌ if branches more than 10 cm in diameter, first cut, about 20 to 30 cm in the slit of local discharge load of incision and cut off the incision, and then use branch saw cut here.


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