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How to use the cutter blade safely

- Jul 19, 2018 -

How to use the cutter blade safely

1. Engine

A. Use qualified gasoline and oil, and the cutting and filling machine blade ensures the mixing ratio (25:1 or 50:1).

B. Check and replace the empty filter and spark plug regularly (25 hours).

C. After each working case of oil, you should rest for 10 minutes. After each working, you should clean the washer of the machine to ensure heat dissipation.

D, storage, must clean up the body, release the mixed fuel, cut irrigation machine blade within the carburetor fuel burn, remove the spark plug, to join in the cylinder 1-2 ml two-stroke engine oil, pull starter 2-3 times, with the spark plug.


2, the cutting tool,

The length of the nylon lock head of the cutting irrigation machine blade should be controlled (=15cm). When using the blade of the cutting irrigation machine, the balance of the blade should be ensured.

(1) rope - for tender, easily cut grass.

(2) square blade - mainly for hard and brittle reed like.

(3) diamond blade - for vines and small fine shrubs, tough.

Mower straw rope installation

Take the straw into pieces, and then take out the inner core and wrap the straw rope around it.
The length of the straw rope should not be too long, and 10-15cm should be suitable. It is not easy to beat and control when it is long, and it is easy to break.
When installing, tie a knot on the shaft or on the head of the hay maker, and pull the rope out from the opposite direction.
The length of the two ends of the straw rope should be the same, or the opportunity to shake because of imbalance.
A lawn mower makes straw ropes only for tender grass, too thick and even woody old grass, which needs to be cut with a blade.
Here's how the lawn mower winds the string.

(1) remove the straw baling head. There is a place where the straw rope is wound.

(2) fold the straw rope in half and stick it in the place where the straw rope is wound. Just wrap it in.

(3) as soon as you are finished wrapping it, put the straw rope through the grooves on both sides.

The choice of blade of the lawn mower is very important. There are corresponding blade selection of the lawn mower on various occasions.

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