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Important parts for the body of the saw engine

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Important parts for the body of the saw engine

Oil saw is a kind of garden tool which is mainly used for logging and timber making.
The power section of saw engine is divided into gasoline engine, and the body of saw engine is the main part of power generation. It directly determines the power capacity and service life of saw engine. The body of saw engine mainly consists of cylinder, piston, connecting rod, crankcase, and flywheel.


Here's a look at some of the key saw parts that make up the body of the saw engine.

Two problems in the combustion process of oil saw engine with important parts of oil saw engine body
A cylinder,

The cylinder is a cylinder for the piston to move in. It is a place for the mixture to ignite.
In order to increase the wear resistance of cylinder inner wall and increase the heat dissipation of cylinder, the oil saw cylinder is mainly made of aluminum alloy castings and the inner wall is chrome plated.
The upper part of the cylinder is the main working place of the saw engine. Therefore, the upper part of the cylinder has a large degree of wear compared to the lower part.
After a certain degree of grinding, the cylinder of the saw engine should be replaced.

Second, the piston

The piston bears the working gas pressure of the oil saw engine, makes reciprocating motion, and passes the pressure to the crankshaft mechanism through the connecting rod.
At the same time, it is driven by the connecting rod and crankshaft (by the inertial force) to complete the intake, compression and exhaust work.
The piston of the piston engine is mostly circular arc, with mixed gas flow, the temperature of the upper part of the piston is higher, so the diameter of the upper part is smaller than that of the lower part, as the amount of expansion.

In order to ensure the close connection between the piston and the cylinder wall surface and the good compression, there are 2-4 piston rings in the ring groove of the piston, and the opening clearance is 0.10-0.15mm, as the amount of expansion.

Three, connecting rod,

The connecting rod is used to connect the piston to the crankshaft of the engine, transfer the gas pressure of the piston to the crankshaft, and change the reciprocating linear motion of the piston into the rotary motion of the crankshaft.
The connecting rod head is connected to the piston, and the head is connected to the crankshaft.

Fourth, the crankshaft

The crankshaft changes the linear motion of the piston to the rotary motion by means of the cylinder, piston and connecting rod.


At the same time, it can push the piston to make it move in a straight compound.
To simplify crankshaft manufacturing, the crankshaft of the saw engine consists of two half shafts, two crank arms and a crank pin.
The end of the half shaft and the crank pin are pressed into the crank arm and eventually joined to form a crankshaft.
The crankshaft is usually installed in the crankcase by means of ball bearing.

Five, the flywheel

The basic function of the flywheel is to keep the balance of the engine running.
In addition, the flywheel makes the engine easy to start.
The crankshaft's rotational energy is stored at the beginning of the explosive stroke. The flywheel releases the energy and allows the crankshaft to continue rotating until the piston reaches its maximum value through ignition, upper dead point and mixture compression.

Crankcase and flywheel case

Crankcase is the base of the engine, which is equipped with engine parts and parts, such as cylinder, ignition device, etc.
The crankcase of a two-stroke oil saw engine ACTS as a scavenging pump in addition to providing the rotating parts of the engine to rotate in it.
In order to maintain a certain amount of pressure in the body, to avoid the mixing of fuel or gas out of the body, there is an oil seal between crankshaft and crankcase.
The outer part of the flywheel has the outer shell of the flywheel to protect it. The outer part of the flywheel shell has spiral conduit, which is part of the cooling system of the saw engine. Therefore, the outer shell of the flywheel is also the shell of the blower fan.

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