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Installation method of knapsack mower

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Installation method of knapsack mower
1. Adjust the position of the handle before installation according to actual use;
2. Install protective plate, secure and secure;
3. Install the blade and place the blade in a suitable position on the pad;
4. Install pressure plate;
5. Install protective cover;
6. Locate the positioning air correctly;
7. Use spanner for positioning;
8. Use the sleeve and fix the nut counterclockwise;
9. Install the soft shaft, align the locating hole with the locating pin, and pull out the locating pin;
10. Put back the positioning pin, rotate or pull the soft shaft to ensure complete positioning;
11. Soft shaft positioning groove loading joint;
12. Align the soft shaft positioning groove with the screw positioning hole;
13. Screw in and pull the soft shaft to ensure complete positioning;
14. Install the throttle cable and circuit flameout line, and load the throttle cable into the positioning groove;
15. Load the throttle cable and install the flameout line.
Precautions for the installation of knapsack mower
Adjust the throttle cable to the appropriate position to ensure the correct idle and high speed throttle;
The blade is firmly fixed and checked before each use.
The flexible shaft must be lubricated after being used for a period of time.


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