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Is it ok for women to use trimmer for men?(2)

- Feb 20, 2018 -

Is it ok for women to use trimmer for men?(2)

There is a pretty straight forward answer to this- NO. It is not preferred to use a trimmer meant to be used by men. It is a beard trimmer and hence, is configured to be used for grown stubbles. It offers a wide head and hence, you can’t groom your body as effectively as a body trimmer for women. Women uses various trimmers for grooming their face area, body and bikini line section.

If you will look at a trimmer produced for the consumption of women, you will discover the following differences in comparison with the above mentioned clipper.

  1. A women’s groomer has a comparatively narrower head and fits best on female’s body.

  2. A beard trimmer has lower hair grooming range. Most of the trimmers start from 0.5mm that is not the case with the groomers for women as they provide a closer trim.

  3. A beard trimmer may be harsh on your gentle skin. Please note that, female skin is comparatively sensitive and delicate and hence, a bikini trimmer is manufactured to meet this need.

In rare cases, you might get rashes on your skin if you use the QT4001/15 to clip your body hair. I would advise you to pack it up and gift it to your brother. You can buy one that best matches your need. Below I’ve referred to a good all-in-one trimmer under an economic price.

You can use this trimmer to trim your face, body and bikini lines as it comes with various head and comb attachments. As a result,it is an all-in-one trimmer under an affordable budget.

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