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Is this a picture of an 2000 years old sequoia that was cut down?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Is this a picture of an 2000 years old sequoia that was cut down?

I don’t think so.

It looks more like a tree (could be a sequoia ) that is being “bucked” or crosscut.

Why do I think that?

Well first of all I can’t see an identifiable felling cut. There are lots of different cuts that you might use to fell a large tree but all of them leave identifiable wood that is left as a “hinge” to guide the direction of the fall of the tree. This picture has none.The wood remaining at the bottom of the tree is only bark - no feller who knows what he is doing would fell a tree without a hinge.

One kind of cut would leave a butt like this:


Another like this:


Do you see the branches that have been cut through on the right side of the tree? They have been cut through at the same level as the cut through the tree. That would never happen. If there were branches in the way any feller would clear them before making a felling cut so they didn’t get in his (or her) way when he was cutting and potentially cause a snag that could kill them.

Sequoia have buttress roots around the base. Normally you would cut them out of the way before you make the felling cuts. Like the feller in this picture has done:


I see no sign of this in the picture.

Finally do you see the sawdust to the front left of the picture? If this tree had been felled there,there is no way that sawdust would be there.

I think this is a picture of a fallen tree being bucked into sections. How it fell we can’t identify from the picture, it may well have been cut down but there is no way to tell that.

Remember trees fall down all the time - even Sequoia, and then have to be cleared up.

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