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Is your saw broken again? That's because you're not professional when you're shopping!

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Is your saw broken again?
That's because you're not professional when you're shopping!

Oil saw, also known as chain saw, is a kind of breaking equipment, which can be divided into motor chainsaw, non-motor chainsaw, concrete chainsaw and so on according to its function and driving mode.
So, what brand of saw is good?
What brand of gas saw is good?
How should choose and buy again, today here to give you brief introduction!


Chain saw production requires a lot of labor resources and advanced productive conditions, from the combination of the processing of raw materials to finished products, need to go through a lot during steps, in zhejiang province, there are many factories, abundant labor force, and production technology in the leading position, and formed a complete product chain.
Zhejiang province is also a good place for the development of domestic economic conditions. It has convenient transportation and good transportation conditions.

Precautions for use

1. Check the tension of saw chain frequently.

Please turn off the engine and wear protective gloves when checking and adjusting.
The proper tension is when the chain is attached to the bottom of the guide plate and can be pulled by hand.

2. There must always be a little oil on the chain.


Check saw chain lubrication and oil level of lubricating oil tank before working.
The chain can never work without lubrication. If the chain is dry, the cutting device will be damaged.

Never use old engine oil.

Old machine oil can not meet the lubrication requirements, not suitable for chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the oil tank is not lowered, it may be that the lubrication transportation fails.

Check the lubrication of the chain and check the oil path.
The use of contaminated filters can also lead to poor lubricating oil supply.
The lubricating oil filter shall be cleaned or replaced in the fuel tank and pump connection pipes.

5. After replacing and installing the new chain, the saw chain needs 2 to 3 minutes of grinding time.

Check the chain tightness after grinding, and adjust it if necessary.
New chains need to be tightened more often than those that have been in use for some time.
In cold condition, the saw chain must be attached to the bottom of the guide plate, but the saw chain can be moved by hand on the upper guide plate.
Tighten the chain if necessary.
When the working temperature is reached, the saw chain expands slightly and drops down. The drive joint at the bottom of the guide plate cannot be removed from the chain slot, otherwise the chain will change jobs, and the chain needs to be tightened again.

6. The chain must be relaxed after work.

Chains contract when they are cooled, and unloosened chains damage crankshafts and bearings.
If the chain is tensioned in working condition, the chain will contract when it is cooled, and if the chain is too tight, the crankshaft and the bearing will be damaged.

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