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Key points of operation of cutting irrigation machine

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Key points of operation of cutting irrigation machine

Operating points of cutting irrigation machine:

(1) the side after the engine starting of the cutting machine, hanging side with the operator's shoulder, when the engine speed reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal clutch, hard casing drive shaft rotation, and through the slow down in a pair of conical gear deceleration and change the direction of transmission, the engine power to the machine working parts of a saw blade or cutter disc, working parts at high speed, operator control handle in hand walk while cutting, will be the scene of the homework rid of small shrubs and grass cutting, width is about 1 m.

(2) after starting the engine of the knapsack cutting irrigation machine, the knapsack is carried on the back of the operator. The engine power is transferred to the working parts of the mower through a soft shaft.
Because the engine is carried on the back, the operation flexibility is large, not affected by the terrain and slope, it can operate freely from top to bottom, left to right, especially suitable for the complex terrain of mountain cutting and irrigation.

(3) when cutting shrubs below 8cm, the method of direct felling can be adopted.
When cutting more than 8cm of shrubs and trees, a two-way inlet saw can be adopted, that is, the mouth can be cut down first and the upper part can be sawed later. When using the saw, no impact cutting is allowed.

(4) when stopping, please turn down the throttle first, and stop after 3 to 5 minutes of idling speed. It is strictly prohibited to stop suddenly during high-speed operation.

At the same time, the following points should be noted for the use of the engine: add qualified gasoline and gasoline engine oil to ensure the mixture ratio of gasoline and engine oil is 25:1;
Air filters and spark plugs must be checked after 25 hours of operation.
Rest for 10 minutes after each working one tank;
After each shift of work, the radiator grime should be cleaned to ensure its cooling effect.
When the transmission parts are used, add lubricating grease to the deceleration after 25 hours of operation, and add lubricating grease to the joint of the upper part of the transmission shaft and the clutch.
In the process of using the tool, the saw blade and blade used shall be kept balanced and sharp, and shall not be used with vibrating saw blade or blade.
The length of the nylon cable head used for weeding shall be limited to 15 cm or less.


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