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Lawnmower's skill in weeding

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Lawnmower's skill in weeding

Also called lawn mower, lawn mower and lawn mower, the mower is a kind of mechanical tool used for mowing lawns, vegetation, etc. It is made up of cutter disc, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, handrail and control part.
Developing agricultural mechanization, improving work efficiency and improving agricultural production efficiency is of great importance in a large agricultural country like ours.
As an important tool in agricultural production, the lawn mower has the most direct impact on crop yield. Its invention is a great progress of human civilization.
In the country with the high development of animal husbandry mechanization, the research of new lawn mower is developing towards the direction of high speed and energy saving.

In the process of traditional agricultural production, weeding is a major task of field management. The commonly used cultivation and management measures for weeding removal include tillage, middle-tillage and hand-pulling.
Although the emergence of herbicides has solved some of the problem of weeding, intertillage is still a necessary measure for field management, because the main purpose of intertillage besides weeding has many functions.
For example, it can loosen topsoil, increase soil aeration, improve soil temperature, promote aerophilic microbial activity and nutrient efficiency, promote root extension, and regulate soil moisture status.

The traditional method of manual tillage is mostly adopted in traditional tillage. Although the precision is high, the working efficiency is low. Therefore, the emergence of some small lawn mowers has helped farmers reduce the labor burden of tillage.


Weeding before:

Before weeding, the litter in the weeding area shall be removed so as not to damage the head and blade.
When starting the engine under the state of cold machine, the air door should be closed first, and then open the air door at the right time after starting.
If the turf area is too large, the mower should not work for more than 4 hours continuously.

After the weeding:

The lawn mower should be thoroughly cleaned, especially the sundries on the radiator. The flying grass is attached to the radiator, which will affect its heat dissipation function.
Check whether the blade is defective, the screws are tight, and the vulnerable parts need to be repaired, so as to extend the service life of the farm machinery.

In addition, a small knapsack mower is generally suitable for 10-13cm weeds. If the weeds are too long, it is better to cut the first half and then the second half.
In the process of using, it can save oil consumption and improve work efficiency by using medium speed throttle and uniform speed.

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