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Maintenance method for oil saw leakage

- Sep 18, 2018 -

Maintenance method for oil saw leakage

The leakage of oil saw can be divided into two situations. One is not serious. When the engine of oil saw is started, the rotation speed becomes faster and the explosion sound is continuous and dense.

The other is the oil saw leakage serious, the engine failure can not start again, or after the oil saw started high speed operation for a while the engine immediately shut down.


If the crankcase air leakage is not serious, when the piston moves upward, the pressure difference in the crankcase decreases, and the mixture in the human crankcase and cylinder is very thin, oxygen is abundant in the cylinder, combustion is fast after ignition, but after combustion gas on the piston top pressure is small, oil saw, so one load (saw wood), oil saw, the engine due to insufficient power.

If the crankcase leakage is serious, the pressure in the box and atmospheric pressure equal, then the oil saw can not start.
Quick determination of the leakage position and exclusion of the crankcase. There are many leakage positions in the crankcase, which are generally invisible to the naked eye.
In practice, we use smoke blowing method to check crankshaft air leakage position, very simple.

During inspection, remove the transmission and flywheel of the oil saw, push the piston to the top stop, install the spark plug, take a deep breath of smoke with the mouth, the oil saw is repaired, hold the vent with your hand, and blow hard into the air hole, so that you can find out where the air leakage is.

This method of inspection is fast and accurate.
If no air leakage is found in the crankcase after repeated blowing, the connection at the air inlet of the carburetor and cylinder is not tight and air leakage is found.
This will solve the oil saw crankcase leakage!

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