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Maintenance of chainsaw

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Maintenance Of Chainsaw

Chain saw two stroke is dynamic, in use should be dynamic, cutting tool aspects such as attention, to ensure the normal use of the machine: engine for two-stroke engine, using fuel oil for gasoline mixed with oil, mixed oil ratio for: for air-cooled two-stroke JASO FC level: gasoline = 1:50 (special oil level of JASO FB: air cooling two stroke gasoline = 25).

Gasoline by 90 above, the oil use air-cooled two-stroke engine oil, symbol for 2 t, must be used for designer, four-stroke engine oil or water-cooled two-stroke engine oil is strictly prohibited.Suggestions, new in the top 30 hours with 1:40 (JASO FB oil 1:20), according to normal after 30 hours (JASO FB oil 25) scale 1:50 oil distribution, resolute don't allow more than 1:50 (normal oil 25), or concentration is too thin will cause machine cylinder.

Please in strict accordance with the attached with the machine oil can oil distribution, cannot be estimated according to the oil distribution at will.Mixed oil is best matched with now, is strictly prohibited to match the mixed oil of buy for a long time;Machine before starting work, running a few minutes at low speed first, see the saw chain lubrication oil, oil into a line, then work. Machine is working, the gas on the highway.After every job a tank of gas, should rest for 10 minutes, clean up the machine after each work of gaskets, guarantee the cooling;The spark plug to take down every 25 hours, use wire brush to dust pollution on the electrode, adjustment of electrode gap in [1] 0.6-0.7 mm is good;Air filter each use 25 hours to remove dirt, dust should be more frequent.Foam filter cleaning and the use of gas or liquid detergent and rinse, squeeze dry, then soaked with oil, crowded to the excess oil to install.

Muffler is 50 hours per use, muffler, clean up the vent and muffler on the export of carbon deposition.Fuel filter (oil suction head) every 25 hours to remove impurities.

Part of the new cutting tool, the tightness of the saw chain should be paid attention to, to push the saw chain rotation, with saw chain, guide tooth and guide flat behavior appropriate, use a few minutes later, pay attention to again saw chain tension.

Before the use of safe operation, around 20 meters, are not allowed to people or animals.Be sure to check on the grass to have Angle iron, stone and other debris, clearing debris on the lawn.

Storage storage, must clean up the body, release the mixed fuel, the carburetor fuel to burn in the net;Remove the spark plug, to join in the cylinder 1-2 ml two-stroke engine oil, pull starter 2-3 times, with the spark plug.

Chain saw in a large number of domestic sales, to popularize and apply in 2000 years later, one of the most famous imported brands have Steele (high-quality), huth warner (HUSQVRNA), domestic brands are imitation production imported brand, this also caused the domestic also have no unified standard in the industry.Domestic chain saw due to material selection and technology gap, although less than the original import brand on the product quality, but some domestic well-known manufacturers, such as the ZOMAX,SHOWBULL, the accumulated over the years is a powerful pursued, and the price is the biggest advantage of homebred brand competition.

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