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Maintenance of the saw

- Oct 22, 2018 -

Maintenance of the saw

Oil saw, the abbreviation of "gasoline chain saw" or "gasoline power saw", generally used in forest cutting, timber making, tree cutting and other operations as well as timber making in timber yard, railway sleepers sawing and other operations.
Its saw cutting mechanism for the chain, power division into gasoline engine, easy to carry, easy to operate.
But the maintenance and maintenance is more complex.
Let's introduce the maintenance and repair of the chainsaw in detail. Let's get to know it together.

1. Maintenance and maintenance of fuel supply system
1. Regularly clean the oil tank and fuel filter, check whether the oil pipe is smooth and aging, and replace it if necessary.
2. Clean the air filter every day and increase the cleaning frequency according to the working conditions.
3. Carburetor is the most important part of fuel supply system of oil saw. Carburetor should be maintained regularly to ensure smooth oil passage and proper adjustment.
The maintenance and repair of corripa oil saw

Ii. Cleaning inspection of cylinder and piston
1. After 100 hours' use of the krisp oil saw, the cylinder and piston should be cleaned and the wear of parts such as cylinder body and piston ring should be checked.
2. Check the cylinder wall for scratch and peeling;
Put the piston ring in the working area of the cylinder block to check the opening clearance shall not exceed 1mm.
3. Check whether the needle roller bearing is damaged.
4. Clean cylinder block, piston and bearing, and pay attention to remove carbon accumulation at the top of piston, ring groove, cylinder head, air vent, pressure reducing valve, etc.
5. Thin grease the piston pin hole, needle roller bearing and cylinder wall, and install the piston pin spring with the arrow on the top of the piston to the exhaust port.
Iii. Maintenance of starting device of oil saw
1. When replacing the starting rope or spring, release the pre-tightening force of the starting spring first.
2. Be careful when removing the starting line from the starting spring to prevent the spring from spreading and springing.
3. After replacement, smear grease on the starting spring and the shaft hole of the starting wheel before assembly, and then assemble well.
Iv. Maintenance of chain guide plate
1. After the wear of the saw chain, it shall be repaired and filed in the right direction, and the Angle of the left and right teeth shall be consistent to avoid deviation in cutting.
Ensure the height of the tooth is consistent to avoid bouncing.
2. After working for some time, the guide plate should be maintained and repaired.
3. Check regularly whether the guide wheel rotation is flexible;
Regularly add lubricating grease to the guide wheel bearing. For each refueling, it is necessary to simultaneously add high speed lithium complex grease to the guide wheel bearing.
Check whether the oil hole of guide plate is blocked, dredge and clean in time.
4. Regularly replace the guide surface to ensure wear on both sides of guide plate to prolong the service life;
The guide plate appears "flying edge", "groove" timely repair file.

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