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Matters needing attention for use of lawn mower

- Oct 26, 2018 -

Matters needing attention for use of lawn mower

With the rapid development of the lawn, the demand for mowers is increasing.
The normal operation and maintenance of the mower can extend its service life.
The daily use of the lawn mower should master skills and pay attention to safe and correct use.
After use, the lawn mower shall be thoroughly cleaned and all screws shall be checked for fastening, oil and oil level shall be checked for compliance with regulations, air filter performance shall be good, blade shall be free of defects, etc.
Also according to the use of the lawn mower years, strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts, and carry out periodic maintenance.
Today I would like to tell you about some of the use of the lawn mower and maintenance of common sense.


Matters needing attention for use of lawn mower
1. Indoor use is prohibited;
2. Keep a safe distance from flammable objects no less than 1m;
3. During refueling, smoking is prohibited, engine operation must be stopped, and gasoline overflow shall be prohibited;
4. Protective mirror and protective equipment shall be provided when working. Please do not use without protective cover;
Keep your hands and feet away from the machine before turning and stopping.

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