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More than 100 fallen trees over 500 gardeners inspected for hidden dangers

- Jun 16, 2018 -

More than 100 fallen trees over 500 gardeners inspected for hidden dangers


June 14 (reporter Triple the correspondent Misia) on June 13 afternoon, zibo strong convective weather attacks, is a leading high-tech zone and zhoucun, zichuan, linzi district, lodging counties, such as trees, branches of huantai county fracture phenomenon, such as the field statistics, a total of lodging trees more than 100 strains, fracture of more than 150 branches.

On June 14, the reporter understands from the municipal garden department, special weather, promptly notify each district and county garden city bureau of parks and woods intensify patrols, the administrative department to do a good job of emergency disposal, districts and counties garden management total sent more than 500 workers everywhere patrol, chain saw, shovel, etc to carry rescue equipment disposal at any time, remove lodging, broken trees, clear falling branches.

LiuQuan Road of main traffic large sections of the big pagoda tree of lodging, platane etc., the use of pruning the safest car emergency handling, crane and other large equipment, the traffic as soon as possible, to ensure the road unimpeded, caused no casualties.


Quote from:http://news.lznews.cn/

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