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Mower engine maintenance problem

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Mower engine maintenance problem

The lawn mower is mainly used for landscaping, grass clipping, urban streets, green scenic spots, field pruning, field weeding, especially the grassland and grassland within the park, football field and other pasture lands, private villa gardens, as well as the field vegetation, and can also be used in autumn harvest.
Today, the commonly used lawn mower is gasoline mower, which is widely used, mainly used for mowing and beautifying the lawn of parks, green belts, factory lawns, golf courses, home gardens, meadows, orchards and other places.


1. Causes of uneven operation of the mower engine

The throttle is at its maximum position and the damper is open.
Loose spark plug thread;
Water and dirt get into the fuel system;
The air filter is too dirty;
Improper carburetor adjustment;
Loose engine mounting screw: engine crankshaft bent.
Rule out: lower the throttle switch: press the spark plug outside;
Clean the tank and add clean fuel again.
Clean the air filter or replace the filter core;
Resetting carburetor;
Check the engine mounting screws after extinguishing: adjust the crankshaft or replace it with a new one.

2. The reason why the motor of the lawn mower cannot be extinguished

Improper installation position of oil door line on engine;
Break of oil gate line;
Throttle activity is not sensitive;
Do not touch the extinguishing line.

Elimination method: reinstall the oil door line;
Replace the oil gate line;
Put a small amount of oil into the moving position of the throttle;
Check or replace the flameout line.


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