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Mower maintenance

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Mower maintenance

1. Maintenance of oil

Before using the mower, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scale of the oil scale.
The oil should be changed after the new machine is used for 5 hours, and the oil should be changed again after 10 hours. The oil should be changed regularly according to the requirements of the manual.
The oil should be changed under the condition that the engine is in the state of heat engine, and the oil should not be injected too much. Otherwise, the mower will have large black smoke, insufficient power, excessive carbon accumulation in the cylinder, small gap between spark plugs, and overheated engine, etc.
The oil should not be too little, otherwise the mower will see the engine gear noise, piston ring acceleration wear and damage, or even the phenomenon of cylinder pulling, causing serious damage to the engine.

2. Maintenance of air filter

Before and after each use, check whether the air filter is dirty and clean frequently.
If too dirty, the engine will be difficult to start, black smoke, insufficient power.
If the filter element is paper, remove the filter element and dust attached to it.
If the filter element is spongy, after cleaning with gasoline, apply some lubricating oil to the filter element to keep the filter element moist, which is more conducive to dust absorption.


3. Maintenance of radiator

The main function of radiator is noise elimination and heat dissipation. When the mower is working, the flying grass will attach to the radiator and affect its heat dissipation function. In serious cases, it will cause the phenomenon of cylinder pulling and damage the engine.

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