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Mower maintenance

- Sep 08, 2018 -

Mower maintenance

1. Maintenance of engine oil

Before using the mower, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil gauge.
The oil should be replaced 5 hours after the use of the new machine, 10 hours after the use of oil should be replaced again, according to the requirements of the manual regular replacement of oil.
The engine oil change should be carried out under the engine state, and the engine oil should not be too much, otherwise there will be large black smoke, lack of power (excessive cylinder carbon accumulation, small spark plug gap), and the engine overheating.
The filling oil should not be too little, otherwise, the engine gear noise will be large, piston ring acceleration wear and damage, and even lavage, resulting in serious engine damage.


2. Maintenance of air filter

Check the air filter for dirt before and after each use.
If too dirty will cause the engine difficult start, black smoke, power shortage.
If the filter cartridge is paper, remove the cartridge and dust it off.
If the filter core is sponge, apply some lubricating oil to the filter core after cleaning with gasoline to keep it moist, which is more conducive to dust absorption.

3. Maintenance of radiator

The main function of the radiator is noise elimination and heat dissipation.
When the lawn mower works, the flying grass scraps will attach to the radiator and affect its heat dissipation function. In serious cases, it will cause the phenomenon of drawing cylinder and damage the engine. Therefore, after using the lawn mower every time, the sundries on the radiator should be cleaned seriously.

4. Maintenance of straw beating

The straw beater is at high speed and high temperature when working. Therefore, 20 grams of high-temperature and high-pressure butter should be added after working for about 25 hours.

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