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Mower malfunction repair

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Mower malfunction repair

We have mentioned a lot of problems in mower maintenance, such as checking the oil level of the mower every time before using it to see if it is between the upper and lower scale of the oil scale.
The oil should be changed after the new machine is used for 5 hours, and the oil should be changed again after 10 hours. The oil should be changed regularly according to the requirements of the manual.
The oil should be changed when the engine is hot.
Do not add too much oil, otherwise it will appear: large black smoke, insufficient power (too much gas cylinder, small spark plug clearance), engine overheating and other phenomena.
The injection of oil should not be too little, otherwise it will appear: the engine gear noise is large, piston ring acceleration wear and damage, and even the phenomenon of shingles, causing serious damage to the engine.
So today we're going to talk about some of the other problems that a lawn mower might have when it's in use, and how to choose a lawn mower.


Mower malfunction repair

1, mowing the lawn machine 30 minutes after starting the phenomenon of sudden stop and the heat engine can't start, the mechanical indexes all normal maintenance detection, fuel label is wrong, everything is normal after an oil change.
When purchasing fuel, users should pay attention to the fuel label and use the correct fuel.

2. The lawn mower cannot start after one day's use.
It was found that there was no gasoline.
Everything is fine after refueling.
The user shall train the mechanical operators to ensure the correct use of the machine.

3. When the newly purchased lawn mower is used, it only turns about once, and the machine is stuck.
This may be because when the machine is purchased and tested, the oil is added. This machine is inverted, and the oil flows into the cylinder body. After the oil is released from the cylinder body, the machine will be used normally.

4. After using the lawn mower for 3 days, black smoke and insufficient power appear.
The reason may be that the oil is too much, the frequency of the oil is too high, and the oil will be soaked by the filter element when it erupts from the breathing hole, resulting in insufficient air intake.
The filter element should be replaced to control the amount of oil added, so that the lawn mower can operate normally.
Proper use and maintenance can make the machine run normally.

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