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Normal maintenance of carburetor for chainsaw carburetor general carburetor problem solving method

- Dec 03, 2018 -

Normal maintenance of carburetor for chainsaw carburetor general carburetor problem solving method

Carburetor normal maintenance is actually to maintain carburetor factory cleanliness, which is a key indicator of carburetor quality evaluation in carburetor professional manufacturers to control, the use of various advanced equipment and technology in each production link for strict control.
Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of carburetor, it is necessary to pay attention to the carburetor for normal maintenance, regular cleaning carburetor, carburetor oil channel, airway cleaning, small aperture unobstructed, which is very important to extend the service life of carburetor.
Many carburetor performance problems can be solved by cleaning carburetor regularly.


Normal maintenance of carburetor for chainsaw carburetor general carburetor problem solving method
1. Carburetor is a key part of the engine, and even small changes may affect the performance of the whole vehicle.
Therefore, in the carburetor disassembly and assembly process, to use the appropriate tools, and moderate strength, in order to prevent the deformation of parts.
The disassembled parts should be arranged in order to prevent missing or wrong assembly.
2. Carburetor should be cleaned in a clean place.
First clean the carburetor external surface, the cleaning of internal parts can use carburetor special cleaning agent or industrial gasoline.
In addition to impurities, pay attention to cleaning parts of the surface of the gasoline gum.
Clean the parts with compressed air blowing clean, can not be used to produce burrs cloth or paper wipe, in order to prevent re-pollution.
It is forbidden to poke the holes with steel wire or other hard objects to prevent the carburetor performance from changing the hole size. Gasoline or compressed air should be used to clean and flush out the holes.
3. During carburetor assembly, never tighten the connection screw of float chamber, carburetor and engine at one time, and it must be tightened in several times. Generally, the tightening torque is between 12n.m and 15n.m.
Otherwise, the joint surface will be deformed and there will be air leakage or oil leakage.
Tightening torque of orifice type parts is generally between 1.5n.m and 3.0n.m., too much tightening torque will damage the thread, resulting in part deformation and even metal chips, causing secondary pollution and affecting carburetor performance.
4, in the process of cleaning carburetor, such as carburetor float room is found to have more sediment, often due to the failure of the gasoline filter caused.
At this time to check the gasoline filter, such as confirm its failure to clean or replace the new gasoline filter.
5, if not used for a long time, carburetor float indoor fuel exhaust, in order to prevent gasoline gel deposition condensation, carburetor failure.
Additional, want to emphasize especially is: because the position of idle speed adjusting screw is opposite, idle speed, transition, the performance such as fuel consumption has important effect to motorbike discharge, idle speed, transition, carburetor is cleaned, prohibit commonly rotate idle speed air adjusting screw.
If it is necessary to remove the idle air conditioning screw, the adjustment screw should be screwed to the end, remember to screw into the number of turns (accurate to 1/8 turns), assembly by the original number of turns back.
Normal maintenance of carburetor for chainsaw carburetor general carburetor problem solving method


Saw common knowledge

Chainsaw is easy to carry, operation advice, is more complex in maintenance, need to pay attention to a lot of aspects:
1, before the work of the chainsaw, need to let it run at a low speed for a few minutes, see the chainsaw lubrication saw chain oil is called an oil line, can start to work.
When working, the throttle can be set to use at high speed.
No work finished a tank of oil, need to rest for a period of time, about 10 minutes.
After the completion of the work, the heat sink of the chainsaw shall be cleaned to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the machine.
If you do not understand or do not know how to operate the place can contact us corep chainsaw.
2. The air filter of the chainsaw should be dusted every 25 hours. In case of special circumstances, it can be deployed by itself.
The cleanness of bubble filter element can use scour fluid or gasoline to clean, reoccupy clear water to clean, extrude air to dry, soak oil next, squeeze redundant oil to be able to install.
3, new oilsaw use, need to pay attention to the degree of tightness of the saw chain, to be able to promote the chain rotation, hand saw chain, guide teeth and guide plate parallel shall prevail, use a few minutes, pay attention to observe again, so repeated several times.
When using a chainsaw, make sure there are no living things within 20 meters of the surrounding area. Check whether there are any hard objects or stones on the grass to ensure safety.
For the chainsaw needs to be put aside when not in use, it is necessary to clean the body, release the fuel mixture, burn up the fuel in the carburetor;
Remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml two-stroke oil into the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug.

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