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Notes for use of cutting irrigation machine

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Notes for use of cutting irrigation machine

The operation of mower (mower) is simple, which brings great convenience to our life. However, there are still many points to be paid attention to in the use of mower.


Notes for use of cutting irrigation machine:

1. Be familiar with the operation process, read the manual of cutting and irrigation machine carefully, and know to shut down the engine timely in case of emergency.

2. Carefully check all parts before use to ensure that the cutting and irrigation machine blade is firmly connected with the cutting and irrigation machine.
Replace old and damaged blades or screws in a complete set to avoid unsteady operation of the machine.
Damaged blades and screws are dangerous.

3. Only add fuel outside and before starting the engine.
Don't smoke while refueling the engine.
When the engine is running or the temperature is high, do not open the cap or oil.
If the fuel overflows, do not start the engine. Instead, put the cutting machine away from the oil stain until the fuel has evaporated to avoid a fire.

4. Do not adjust the governor to make the engine speed too high.
Overspeed operation is dangerous and will shorten the life of the irrigation and cutting machine.

5. Push the cutting irrigation machine forward slowly when working, and don't travel too fast.

6. When cutting grass on the slope, do not go up or down.
Be careful when turning on a slope.
Don't cut grass on very steep slopes.

7. Do not use the mowing and irrigation machine with the collecting box without installing the collecting box.

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