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Precautions for use of chain saw oil

- May 15, 2018 -

Precautions for use of chain saw oil


What are the use of chain saw?
Gasoline can only use unleaded gasoline above 90.
When adding gasoline, the tank cover and the refueling port must be cleaned before refueling, so as not to have debris into the tank.
The high branch saw should be placed in a flat place to cover the tank top.
Don't let the gasoline spill out when you come on, you can't fill the tank too full.
Always use your hand to tighten the tank cap after refueling.
2. The engine oil can only use the high quality two-stroke engine oil.
It is best to use two stroke engine oil with high branch saw engine to ensure long service life.
When using other two stroke engine oil, its model should reach tc quality.
Poor quality gasoline or motor oil can damage engines, seals, oil channels, and fuel tanks.
The mixture of gasoline and oil.
The hybrid method is to pour oil into a fuel tank, then fill it with gasoline and mix well.
The gasoline engine oil mixture will age, and the general configuration should not exceed one month's usage.
Special attention should be paid to avoiding direct contact between gasoline and skin, and to avoid gasoline-derived gases.
Iv. The oil suction pipe head should be replaced regularly every year.
Automatic oil filling configuration for oil saw maintenance.
Since the automatic oil filling device for oil saw parts, it is convenient and convenient to fill the oil saw.
The most important function of the automatic oil filling device is that it can realize the automatic oil filling of the short oil saw that is in the state of manual filling.
The size of the oil filling can be adjusted automatically with the speed of the oil saw, and the oil concentration can be adjusted by air pressure adjusting screw.
With automatic lubricating device, not only solved for a long time for chain saw to the operator manual filling and trouble, also improve the efficiency of the chain saw, greatly extend the service life of the chain saw teeth institutions.
With the chain saw parts, after will feel sawing power increases during the operation, than a manual oil chain saw is more rapid, convenient, saving time, energy saving, security, chain sprocket, guide and province.
Installed the automatic oiling device chain saw chain saw more than ordinary shorten the cutting time, and more directly reduce fuel use, greatly reduce wear other chain saw spare parts consumption and use cost.


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