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Precautions for use of lawn mower

- Jul 05, 2018 -

Precautions for use of lawn mower

1. Only use gasoline mower (mower) when the lighting is good and the visibility is high.
In winter, more attention should be paid to wet areas, snow and ice (there is a danger of slipping down), always stand firm.

2. Do not cut above the waist.

3. Do not operate the gasoline mower (mower) on the ladder.

Never climb a tree and use a petrol mower.

5. Do not operate on unstable surfaces.

6. Remove the sand and stone, nails, etc. in the working area. External particles may damage the tool, leading to very dangerous rotation.

7. Before starting cutting, the tool must reach full speed.


Ii. Notes for refueling of lawn mower

1. Please turn off the engine when refueling and keep away from the open fire. No smoking.

2. Avoid skin contact with mineral oil products and do not inhale fuel vapor. Wear protective gloves throughout the refueling process and replace and clean protective clothing regularly.

3. Be careful not to spill fuel oil or lubricating oil to prevent soil pollution (environmental protection). Clean the gasoline mower (irrigation machine) immediately after the oil spill.

4. Do not let the oil touch the clothes. If the oil spills on the clothes, you should change the clothes immediately (in case the clothes catch fire).

5. Check the oil tank cover regularly to ensure that the oil tank cover is firmly fixed and does not leak out.

6. Tighten the oil tank cover carefully and start the engine at a different place (at least 3 meters from the refueling place).

7. Do not fuel in the closed space, and the ground will accumulate fuel vapor (explosive danger).

8. Transport and store fuel only in approved containers to ensure that children do not have access to stored fuel.

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