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Reasons and solutions for the explosion of saw engine

- May 31, 2018 -

Reasons and solutions for the explosion of saw engine

Blasting is an explosion in the muffler after the engine has died down.
After the mixture into the exhaust pipe in Mars or on the exhaust pipe of exhaust the phenomenon of high temperature and high pressure, combustible mixture combustion rapidly, forming a high pressure gas rushed outward, resulting in a shooting phenomenon (i.e., detonation in a limited space).
It increases engine fuel consumption, reduces power, and even causes the exhaust pipe to burst.
After the engine is shut down, there may be an explosion.


Common reasons for firing:

Shut down the engine at high speed, causing the combustible mixture to ignite into the high temperature muffler.

Gasoline containing ethanol is more likely to ignite, which may lead to the firing of guns.

The carburetor mixture is too concentrated;

The type of muffler for small engine and the reason of manufacturing process;

The backfired solenoid valve is not working properly.

The solution of oil saw blasting:

Allow the engine to cool at an appropriate speed without load (15-30 seconds);

Switching to other gasoline without ethanol or ethanol;

Inspect or clean the carburetor to obtain a suitable mixture;

For the update design of muffler and other devices, please contact the equipment manufacturer.

Check whether the anti-afterburning solenoid valve is working normally.

I think you should know about the situation of the chain saw cylinder and shooting more, when we use to must be timely solve the problems of chain saw, absolutely can not repair according to oneself idea, or think the problem is not repair just make do with, this is absolutely not.
If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, you must contact the dealer or the manufacturer. They will help you solve the problems.

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