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Regular maintenance points and matters needing attention.

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Regular maintenance points and matters needing attention

Regular maintenance of chainsaw can remove the small problems of the chainsaw in time, so that the sawing operation can be finished successfully.There are some special things to note when cutting wood.The following is a description of what should be paid attention to when the chainsaw is regularly maintained and the chainsaw is used.

Regular maintenance of chainsaw.


1. Cylinder fins.

A foreign body blocking the heat of the cylinder will cause the engine to overheat.Remove the air filter and cover and check the radiator fin regularly.When installing the cover, make sure the switch line and washer are in the correct position.It is important to note that when cleaning sawdust and dust, be sure to completely plug the carburetor inlet.

2. Fuel filter


A. Remove the oil filter head from the fuel tank mouth with wire hook.

B. After removing the filter, wash with gasoline;Replace the filter when necessary.

Note that after the fuel filter is removed, clip the end of the tubing with a clamp.

When installing the fuel filter, be careful not to let the filter fiber or dust into the tubing.

3. Oil filter head.

Remove the oil filter head from the oil tank with wire hook and clean with gasoline.When the oil filter is put back into the tank, make sure the tubing is naturally bent and the filter is flat.Then wipe the dust around the mouth of the fuel tank.

Regular maintenance points of the kupp chainsaw and the matters needing attention of the tree.

4. Spark plugs.

Brush the electrode with a wire brush and reset the ignition gap to 0.5-0.7mm (the thickness of the two CARDS).Replace if necessary.

5, sprocket

Please check to see if there are any cracks and excessive wear that hinder the chain drive.If the wear is obvious, please replace the new sprocket.Do not use the new chainsaw chain with the overworn sprocket, or the new sprocket with overworn saw chain.

6. Front and rear cushioning pads.

If the adhesive part has been peeled off or the rubber part found the crack, please replace it.

Regular maintenance points of the kupp oil saw and the matters needing attention of the tree.

Notice of the tree.

1. Decide the direction of the loggers to consider the wind direction, the inclination of the tree and the position of the large branches.The convenience of working after sawing down trees and other factors.

2. When clearing the surrounding area of trees, it is necessary to consider the coverage area of the fallen trees at the same time, ensure the safety of the area, and arrange a good footing and exit.

3. The V groove with a diameter of one third in diameter is relieved by tree cutting.

4. Open a saw cut on the other side of the v-notch, slightly higher than the V notch.

No matter whether the chainsaw is in the use of the tree or the maintenance and maintenance of the problem cannot be ignored, I hope that you can do well in the chainsaw.

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