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Safe operation and maintenance of lawn mower

- Nov 27, 2018 -

Safe operation and maintenance of lawn mower
Must have a lawn mower is the most familiar garden equipment types, because we often see gardeners use a lawn mower to mow the lawn, in fact the existence of large garden can not only make the environment more beautiful, also can have the effect of beautification environment, and the lawn mower is just responsible for the landscape, so it can be called "beautification engineer" in the process of afforestation.
Rules for safe operation of lawn mowers
1. Indoor use is prohibited.
2. Keep the safe distance from inflammable articles at least 1m.
3, when refueling, do not smoke, must stop the engine running, do not spill gasoline.
4, when working with protective mirror and protective facilities, good sleeve mouth, women workers must press hair into the work cap.
5. Check whether the safety protection device is intact. Do not use the machine without protective cover.
6. Check whether the oil (gasoline: oil: 25:1) is filled and whether the screws are strong before use.
7. Check whether the blade is damaged or broken;
Check the filter screen (air filter damage timely replacement).
8. Push back the red sliding switch on the handle and open the instrument throttle (push forward and the instrument will stop working).
Put the choke valve to the OFF position.
9. After starting the instrument, put the choke valve at the position of ON and press the blade of the cut-off valve instrument ON the handle to start the operation.
(after the normal start of the engine, lubricating oil is not available in every part of the engine, do not increase the revolution in a hurry, if the throttle valve switch is directly pressed to the end, the revolution will be very high, not only affect the life of the engine will lead to other problems.)
10. No one is allowed to enter the machine within 15 meters of work. The machine will be shut down after 1.5 to 2 hours of work.
11. During the operation of the machine, maintenance is strictly prohibited. In case of troubleshooting, the power should be turned off and the machine should be stabilized.
12, in the operation of abnormal phenomena and sound, should immediately shut down the machine stop, before maintenance.
13. After the operation is completed and the power is turned off, dust and sundries of each part can be cleaned and put into the warehouse for storage to keep the equipment clean.
14. After the work, clean up the dirt such as broken grass and keep the site clean.
15. If the lawn mower is not used for more than 2 to 3 months, it should put all the gasoline in the tank, and it is necessary to replace the oil.
Safe operation and maintenance of lawn mower


General knowledge of mechanical maintenance of lawn mower

1. Oil usage: gasoline (no. 90 or above), two-stroke oil, 1:25 mixing.
The new machine grinds together at idle for one hour.
2. When the two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine is in continuous operation, the crankcase temperature shall not exceed 90 degrees, and the crankcase can continue to work after being shut down for 15-20 minutes when overheating.
Gasoline must be added at the time of cooling.
Do not use the full throttle for long periods of time without mowing.
3, gasoline engine is prohibited from speeding and should stop at low speed.
4, oil to use the correct model, regular manufacturers of products, gasoline to use clean.
5. Non-professionals shall not adjust carburetor.
6. Air filter element should be checked frequently and replaced regularly.
Wash the dirty filter element with soapy water and dry before use.
7, gasoline engine operation 100-300 hours, should remove carbon accumulation once.
Remove the cylinder head, cylinder head, piston, valve and other attached carbon removal.
8. Keep gasoline engine, especially cylinder body radiator, clean.
Finally, remind everyone to be very careful when using or installing lawn mower, pay attention to safety, so as to work better.
And when choosing mower, also should choose normal manufacturer to produce.

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