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Safe operation procedure for knapsack mower

- Nov 16, 2018 -

Safe operation procedure for knapsack mower

Lawn mower, also known as lawn mower, lawn mower, etc., is a kind of mechanical tools for mowing lawns, vegetation and so on. The mower mainly has side hanging type and knapsack type.
I. equipment introduction
1. Lawn mower is a mechanical equipment used to remove weeds in the field.
2. The knapsack lawn mower is composed of gasoline engine, lever drive rod and blade.
3. Schematic diagram of knapsack mower, as follows:


Production operation procedures
1. Preparation for startup
(1) wear rubber shoes, goggles and protective equipment such as long sleeves for tights and trousers.
(2) check whether the blade, clutch and screw are loose.
(3) check the oil level of the fuel tank. The ratio of gasoline to engine oil is 25:1.
(4) check the security cover of the blade of the lawn mower.
(5) add lubricating oil to the transmission shaft.
(6) check whether the work area is flat, and if there are too many protrusions, etc.
2, boot
(1) start the gasoline engine with a small throttle.
(2) check whether the engine sound is normal and no noise.
3, run,
(1) back up the belt and step into the operation area.
(2) adjust the throttle size according to the height of weeds.
(3) observe topographic obstacles according to the depth of weeds and reasonably adjust the distance between blades and ground.
(4) check whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the mower.
4, stop
(1) get out of the work area and keep the throttle to a minimum.
(2) turn off the gasoline engine and put it down when the gasoline engine blade stops completely.
(3) stop the machine to check whether the blade of the lawn mower has cracks.
(4) check whether the guard cover of transmission shaft screw and its blade is loose.
(5) maintain the lubricating and fixed transmission parts.


3. Safe operation procedures
1. Safety precautions
(1) the lawn mower is suitable for the production equipment to remove weeds in the field area.
The operation should be carried out strictly according to the safety operation rules of the mower.
(2) operate the mower for more than 2 months, and be familiar with the operation process of the mower.
(3) operators should understand the routine maintenance of the mower and strictly implement it.
2. Risk analysis and control measures
(1) hazard point analysis
Eyepiece protective rubber shoes and tight work clothes do not fit can cause personal injury.
Loose drive shaft screws causing blade to fall off can cause personal injury.
Breaking a blade of mowing can cause personal injury.
Loose or falling blades can cause personal injury.
Check that the operating area is not in place and that the blade of the mower hitting the rock will cause personal injury.
Failure to adjust blade distance in an irregular working area can cause personal injury.
Pointing a lawn mower at the head of a person or other creature can cause mechanical damage.
(2) control measures
Check protective equipment and dress up before operation.
Check whether the drive shaft screw of the lawn mower is loose before operation. If it is loose, fix it in time.
Check whether the blade guard is tight and firm before operation. If found, repair and fix it in time.
Check the geographical conditions of the work area in time before operation, adjust the distance between the blade and the ground in time during operation, so as to avoid hitting the stone.
When working, swing the handle at a constant speed to avoid physical injury caused by violent action.
Do not aim your head at people or other creatures to avoid injury.
Finally, safety must be paid attention to during the operation of the lawn mower. There are three aspects of safety.
Second, the safety of operators to prevent operators in the operation of injury;
The third is the safety of the surrounding people to prevent machinery in the operation of harm others.
All three of these things are important, especially the question of injuries to people is more important than the question of injuries to machines and other things.

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