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Safety instructions for mower operation

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Safety instructions for mower operation

1. To ensure safe operation, users must read the safety operation instruction manual provided by the mower and be familiar with the operation of gasoline mower (mower).
If the user does not know enough about the content of the instruction manual, he or she will be put at risk by improper operation.

2. It is recommended to lend only the gasoline mower (irrigation mower) to those who have experience in using the gasoline mower (irrigation mower), and also hand over the guide manual.

3. The novice should know the basic instructions to the dealer, and be familiar with the operation of the mower driven by the engine.

4. Children and minors under the age of 18 shall not operate gasoline mower (cutting and irrigation machine).
Persons over the age of 16 May use the equipment for training under the supervision of qualified trainers and should use the petrol lawn mower (mower) with great care.

5. Only operate the gasoline lawn mower (cutting and irrigation machine) in good health. To complete all the work calmly and carefully, the user must be responsible to others.

6. Do not use the gasoline mower (water mower) after drinking or taking medicine, or when you are tired or not in good time.

National regulations may limit the use of gasoline mowers.

Finally, it is suggested that the gasoline mower can only be used for cutting grass, weeds, bushes, bushes, etc.
It is very important to operate the mower correctly. I hope you will not ignore this.
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