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Saw chain adjustment and saw repair

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Saw chain adjustment and saw repair

Oil saw, short for "gasoline chain saw" or "gasoline power saw", is generally used for forest cutting, timber making, cutting branches and other operations as well as timber making in storage yard, railway sleeper saw cutting and so on.
Its sawing mechanism is saw chain, the power part is divided into gasoline engine, easy to carry, easy to operate.
But maintenance and repair are more complicated.
The following two aspects from the adjustment of the saw and the fault maintenance for everyone to introduce in detail, let's understand it together!

Chain saw adjustment

When saw chain adjustment, loosen the guide gland nut, with a screwdriver twist guide adjusting screw, screw to the right can make the guide out and tensioning saw chain, guide shrink into the contrary, saw chain relaxation, looseness of saw chain, saw chain in the central guide with handle gently, make the sprocket tooth the bottom and guide gap about 1 mm for external use only, after fastening nut guide pressure adjustment.

2, when a new chain saws, should be adjusted light come on door, drive the saw chain, from slow to fast to get up to speed, running-in process need to be constantly pump lube, again after running-in tensioning degree of adjustment, in use, such as found that saw chain relaxation, also want to adjust.

3. The repairing file of the chain saw cutter teeth shall be made according to the cutting edge of the original chain saw.


Chain saw maintenance

1. In case of oil saw, it is usually the problem of filter when the oil saw is put off, it is not so exciting to work, and the heat generator is overheated.
Therefore, before work, the filter needs to be checked, the clean qualified filter should be pointed at the sunlight observation, should be thorough, bright, otherwise is not qualified.
When the filter of oil saw is not clean enough, use hot soapy water to clean and dry.
A clean filter will ensure the proper use of the saw.

2. When the saw's serrated teeth become not sharp, you can use a special file to rest the serrated chain teeth to ensure the sharpness of the saw teeth.
At this time, it is important to note that when using file, the direction of the cutting teeth should be down, not the reverse, and file and saw chain chain chain chain Angle should not be too large, 30 degrees is appropriate.

3, before the use of chain saw, chain saw saw chain oil will be listed, the advantage is the ability to provide lubrication for the chain saw, reduce the chain saw saw chain and chain saw guide of the friction heat, protect the guide, at the same time also can protect the chain saw saw chain, so as to avoid premature discard.

4. When the saw is finished, the saw should also be maintained, so that the working efficiency can be guaranteed when the saw is used again.
The first is to remove impurities in the inlet hole and the guide slot at the bottom of the guide plate of the saw to ensure the smooth inlet hole.
Secondly, the guide plate head should be clear about the debris, and add a few drops of oil.

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