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Should I use high octane gas in my chainsaw mixture?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Should I use high octane gas in my chainsaw mixture?

Those little engines are often high compression engines. High compression engines really benefit from using gasoline with more octane.

Better yet, use gasoline that doesn’t have any ethanol in it for your small engines. The US is about the only place on earth that uses so much ethanol in its fuels. Most chainsaws and other similar small engines are made in countries other than the US these days. They often don’t take into account how ethanol can damage o-rings, gaskets and other parts of the engine. That is, they are not designed to be run on gas with ethanol.

Ethanol laden fuels don’t have the shelf life of non-ethanol fuels. They tend to separate, attract water and gel in your tank and carburetor, gumming up the works. The next time you take out your chainsaw to use it, it doesn’t want to run.

In the US, it’s getting very difficult to find fuels without ethanol in them. Where I live, there is one station that has non-ethanol fuel and it is only available in the premium. So, that’s what I use for my chainsaws, mowers and other small engines.

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