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So it is! The reason and solution of high temperature of chainsaw guide plate.

- Apr 26, 2018 -

So it is!
The reason and solution of high temperature of oil saw guide plate.

In the process of the use of the chainsaw, you may encounter some problems. How do you deal with these problems?
Today I want to tell you what to do when the temperature of the guide plate is too high to hot or hot when the oil saw is in use.

The temperature of the chainsaw guide plate is too high to be hot or hot:

Heating the fundamental cause of the problem is too much friction, chain saw itself possess a lube oil supply system, so the oil supply system is not normal work is often the cause of hot plate with a chain saw.
Such as damaged oil pipe leakage, the oil filter head block, oil pump, oil pump nozzle gland not level off, the oil pump nozzle gland paper breakage, guide the oil hole jam and so on these cases are caused by the oil supply is normal.


The following are some of the causes and solutions that may cause the chainsaw guide and the chainsaw chain fever:

1. Insufficient oil supply or oil.

Solution: add oil in time, clean oil supply road, such as oil filter head, oil pump, oil pipe.

2. Oil hole of the guide plate is blocked or the guide plate groove is blocked.

Solution: clean the wood chips or sundries on the guide board with a blowgun.

3. The width of the guide slot is not matched with the width of the chain guide tooth.

Solution: suggest replacement to match specifications.

4. Uneven bending of guide plate.

Solution: it is recommended to replace the guide plate directly.

Common fault handling for oil saw.

1. If the oil saw is turned off, the work is not so exciting, and the heating machine is overheating, it is usually the problem of the filter.
Therefore, before work, the filter should be checked, and the clean and qualified filter should be focused on the sunlight, which should be thorough and bright, and vice versa.
When the filter of the oil saw is not clean, apply hot soapy water to wash and dry.
Clean filter can ensure the normal use of oil saw.

2. When the sawtooth of the oil saw is not sharp, use a special file to rest the serrated chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw.
It is important to note that in the case of a file, the direction of the cutting teeth should not be reversed, while the Angle of the file and the chain chain should not be too large. It should be 30 degrees.

3. Before using a chain saw, chain saw saw chain oil will be listed, the advantage is the ability to provide lubrication for the chain saw, reduce the chain saw saw chain and chain saw guide of the friction heat, protect the guide, at the same time also can protect the chain saw saw chain, so as to avoid premature discard.

4. After the use of the chainsaw, the oil saw should be maintained, so that the working efficiency can be guaranteed the next time the oil saw is used.
First of all, it is necessary to remove impurities from the feed hole and guide slot of the oil saw guide plate to ensure the smooth flow of the oil inlet hole.
Secondly, it should be clear in the head of the guide plate, and add a few drops of oil.

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