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Some of the blades you don't know about

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Some of the blades you don't know about

We know that the blade of the lawn mower has many shapes, so it becomes very difficult for us to choose. How to choose the blade of the lawn mower?
How to adjust the blade of the mower?
And how to use and maintain the blade of the mower?
The following small editor to introduce you.


The method of adjusting the blade of a lawn mower

Adjust the lawn mower blade screw, tighten the screw, cyclotron 1/4-3/4 laps, screw nut, hand toggle gaskets, gasket can be flexible mobile locking nut again, check the gasket again whether can move, such as screw is too tight, the blade will not move.
After the test run is completed, the blade runs for one minute. Touch the screw by hand. It is hot or too hot.

Maintain the blade of the lawn mower

The traditional orchard weeding machine can not adapt to the existing orchard planting form, but the new product of cutting and irrigation machine blade can completely meet the needs of today's orchard weeding operation.
Use cutting machine to a weeding work can greatly improve the working efficiency, can keep the mowing machine blade weeds in the earth's surface, to prevent soil erosion, and beautify the environment, water quantity, increase soil organic matter.

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