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Thank you for the trust of clients, we get back to fully operate

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Thank you for the trust of clients, we get back to fully operate

A half month of Chinese new year later, we get back to operate our streamline again.


Looking back on 2017, we are very proud.Through the hard work of the whole company, the company has carried out all the work smoothly, and the factory construction and operation management have achieved double harvest.

Of course, while we celebrate our achievements, we should also fully realize our shortcomings, and summarize the following points to be strengthened: first, the cost consciousness should be strengthened.At present, in addition to the quality requirements, low price bidding has become the mainstream of the market. If we do not strictly control the cost, we will not win the competition and will be eliminated by the market.Second, the sense of responsibility should be strengthened.Everything, can with the fastest speed, lowest cost and highest efficiency to solve, first of all depends on my colleagues that the sense of responsibility to the company, because only a strong sense of responsibility, will do their job, will take the initiative to communicate with others and cooperate with others to solve problems;Third, the learning consciousness should be strengthened.The expansion of the market comes from customers' trust and recognition of the Showbull brand.And to do this, in addition to the quality of our products and services to constantly improve, requiring people to forward a small step every day, the company will move a big step, including our each colleague's professional knowledge, social knowledge and public relations capacity needs to be greatly improved, because all customers will only with the good faith, professional, open-minded, knowledgeable brand suppliers to do business, this is a new era of commercial law.

Therefore, in the New Year, we should intensify our efforts to make more breakthroughs in material purchasing, product quality, delivery speed, service quality and other projects.At the same time to strengthen internal management, and gradually to standardization, standardization, institutionalization, only truly achieve this shift, to make "to enhance work efficiency and improve product quality, reduce operating costs" by the desire to become a reality;In the New Year, we should strengthen the strategy of personnel training, standardize the training mechanism of talent echelon, eliminate the phenomenon of corporate talent fault, and provide employees with a broad development platform.In the New Year, we want to shape the company's image from the view of development, whether the company environment optimization, and improve the overall quality and employees are in the 21st century international new vision for yourself, only in this way, can let the company in the New Year with a new face appeared in front of the world.

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