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The using of brush cutter that you should know

- Aug 16, 2018 -

The using of brush cutter that you should know

Lawn mower, also known as mowing and irrigation machine, is a kind of garden machinery frequently used in the garden work, mainly used in the clearing of weeds in the forest, the cutting of low shrubs and the cutting of lawn edges.


Here are a few points that should be paid attention to in the use of the mower for the user's reference.

Management of lawn mower

1. The mower shall be numbered by the mechanical maintainer.

2. Each set shall be used by the designated number.

3. The new machine shall be run in by mechanical maintainer for 20 hours.

Preparation before use

1. Check whether the screw of the mower is loose and all parts are intact.

2. Check whether the mower starts normally;

3. Get the gasoline you want to take well: press 2 stroke engine oil and gasoline volume ratio 1:25 (common engine oil), 1. : 50 (special engine oil) to mix uniformly.

4. Prepare spare parts and consumables for emergency repair: spark plugs, blades (nylon faucet and nylon rope) and other tools.

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