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Safety operation and requirements for operators

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Safety operation and requirements for operators

1. Cut grass in groups of two or more.
It is forbidden to cut grass alone.

Wear tight, long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and work on short sleeves, skirts, and overcoats to avoid danger.

3. Wear working gloves when doing homework.

4. Wear a safety helmet when working

5. In order to prevent accidents caused by slipping during operation, it is necessary to wear anti-skid work shoes.

6. To protect eyes, wear protective glasses when operating.

7. The cutting and irrigation machine is accompanied by strong noise when working. In order to protect the operator's eardrum, protective devices such as earplugs should be used.

8, do not wear scarves, ties, do not wear jewelry, long hair should be tied up to protect, in case of the small tree right.

9. When the machine is started and running, no clutter or clothing shall be placed near the blade.

10. Do not move the moving machine.

11. When starting operation, no one is allowed within 7-8 meters of working area radius.

12. When starting, operate at low speed for 1-3 minutes before loading.

13. Do not drive high speed when empty.

14. Pay attention to the operating cutting direction when mowing: the cutting direction makes the cutting material outward from the road, with no one on the side.

15. The machine is not allowed to operate without the cutter guard.

16. When refueling, stop the engine and do not smoke.


Requirements for operators

1. Operators must be trained and carefully read the instructions before the first use; otherwise, they cannot be used.

Minors are not allowed to use lawn mowers.

People who have drunk wine should never use a lawn mower.

People who are overtired, sick or affected by drugs cannot use a lawn mower.

Women cannot use a lawn mower during their periods.

6. If you use the mower in a continuous and intensive manner, you should pay special attention to your body and arrange for rest and sleep.

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