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Use of oil

- Aug 18, 2018 -

Use of oil

1, gasoline

Use unleaded gasoline above 90.
When adding gasoline, the oil cap and oil port must be cleaned before refueling to prevent any debris from entering the fuel tank.
The lawn mower should be placed on a flat surface so that the tank lid is facing up.
Do not allow petrol to spill at the pump, and do not fill the tank too full.
Always tighten the cap manually after filling.

2, the oil

Only use high quality two stroke engine oil, the best use lawn mower special two stroke engine oil, to ensure the engine life.
When using other two stroke engine oil, its model should reach TC grade quality.
Poor quality gasoline or oil can damage the engine, sealing ring, oil channel and fuel tank.


3. Mixture ratio of gasoline and oil

2 stroke engine oil and gasoline mixture ratio used for cutting irrigation machine is 1:50, that is, 1 part oil and 50 parts gasoline;
Use other TC grade engine oil and gasoline mixture ratio is 1:25, that is, 1 part oil and 25 parts gasoline.

The blending method is to pour oil into a fuel tank, then pour gasoline into the tank and mix well.
The mixture of gasoline and oil will age - don't use more than a month.
Special attention should be paid to avoid direct contact with the skin, avoid breathing the gas out of gasoline, and prevent poisoning.

4. The oil suction tubing head shall be cleaned or replaced regularly every year.

Lawn mower is currently has a large number of used for garden pruning, agricultural harvest crops, most users without professional guidance, in use process will often appear so large and small problems, if there are any problems please do not remove by oneself, to contact suppliers, professional lawn mower supplier have professional technical staff, can more quickly and timely help you solve.

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