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The reason why the saw can not start normally

- Aug 20, 2018 -

The reason why the saw can not start normally

Chain saw put for a long time or to pick it up again with the chain saw is found to be unable the normal starting, this time is there are many reasons, if under the condition of not know must be done to professional maintenance repair, today is to give everyone points about what is the cause of chain saw not starting properly, and meet this kind of circumstance how to deal with.


1. Check the oil in the oil tank before starting, and fill it up.

2. Correct starting method

First, pull the damper outward to close it, and turn the stop switch upward to keep the switch closed (if the switch is turned down to open the ignition coil primary to ground short, the spark plug can't fire).
Then pull it several times, and it is ok for two times when it is used normally. If it is the first time to use it or the oil in the tank runs out and stops to refill the oil, you should pull it several times, usually about five times.
There is no oil in the carburetor, so that the oil can be sucked into the carburetor.
If the pull in the middle of the movement to stop, it can be started normally.
Push the damper switch inward to open it, pull the starter handle to start the saw.

Three, if press the above method to start several times did not start, can open the accelerator trigger to the maximum, and lock with the control lock button (throttle to the maximum), and according to method 2 start.

If the above methods still cannot start, the following methods should be adjusted and treated.

1. There are three screws on the carburetor, h-high-speed adjusting screw, which is on the outside of the right, turn clockwise to the bottom and return 1/-34 turns.
When you step back 1/2 the speed is too high and the noise is too loud, the wood is too weak to cut and it stops.
Turn back 3 turns slower and stop when you try to cut wood.
The adjustment range should be between 1.5-2 turns according to the different adjustment range of the saw.
It should be noted that if the screw is not returned to the end, it will stop automatically or cannot be started at all.

2. L screw is the mixture ratio adjustment. The position is close to H screw on the left side of L screw.
Adjust the screw after the starter to maximize the speed, and then return 1/4 turn.
(test on the normal oil saw, it is difficult to start or cannot start if it is lower than one turn, it is good to start if it is higher than two turns, but the starting speed soon reduces and stops. It is not sensitive to the idle speed before the stop, and it will increase the speed by turning inward.


At the same time, the mixing ratio is too high, which costs oil and is easy to accumulate carbon.
The adjustment range should be between 1-14-2 turns according to the saw.
After the start of the oil saw, if the rotation speed is reduced or stopped when refueling, it means that the mixing ratio is too low, the mixing ratio should be increased, and L should be rotated counterclockwise.
Cutting test will be carried out after the oil saw is in normal operation. If the rotation speed is reduced or stopped when cutting force is applied, the mixing ratio should be increased to rotate counterclockwise L. If the L screw is adjusted well according to the method mentioned at the beginning, it will generally operate normally to cut the wood.

3. The idle speed adjustment screw T is at the bottom left of H and L screws, and it will return to the bottom 4-5 turns. The idle speed adjustment is carried out under the running of the machine.

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