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Treatment method for improper starting of oil saw

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Treatment method for improper starting of oil saw

1. Fault phenomenon

(1) the carburetor, cylinder and high-pressure package are all ok. Everything is normal for the chiller. It will slowly turn off after heating.

(2) stop when the saw is very hot, and start and pull again immediately.


2. Fault cause

This is a typical cylinder, the piston quality is not good, when working with heat expansion, the coefficient is different, causing the cylinder and the piston to have a certain gap, resulting in weak oil absorption gravity, leading to the lack of oil flameout, so it can not be started or difficult to start.
When cold machine gap returns to normal, the attraction to oil also returns to normal, also can start normally, although you changed cylinder barrel piston also not necessarily normal, because the material on the market most quality does not reach the requirement, change also not very useful.

3. Treatment method

(1) check whether the oil in the oil tank is low and fill it up to reduce suction.

(2) stop the machine for natural cooling;
Put it where the wind blows;
Use a fan to cool, not cool water, because cold water can damage the saw.

(3) put the side of the oil saw down, i.e. the chain down, and start the oil saw. In this way, the oil level is low from the carburetor, so that the oil can be easily absorbed into the carburetor.
But two points should be noted: after the side put open the oil tank cover to check whether the oil level is higher than the gasoline filter, do not continuously start the machine, in case of too much oil and flood the cylinder.

(4) remove the spark plug and add less oil inside to increase sealing and suction.

(5) remove the spark plug and add a little less gasoline inside, so that when started, the suction will be greater than when people pull.

When the saw is hot, if it is not stopped manually, the load will not be too heavy.
If you stop manually, you will be unable to start and pull again immediately. It is caused by the reason of item 5, item 2 and the factor of slow pulling speed and small suction.


6. After adjusting the oil saw according to the above requirements, it can start smoothly around -5 degrees Celsius.
If it is normal to start when the temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius, the following measures can be taken for starting.

1. Put it in the house or a warm place before use.

2. Heat the cylinder head with a hair dryer or hot water. Pay attention to the heating temperature and do not burn the plastic part of the oil saw.

3. Remove the air filter, open the air damper, add some gasoline, and start.

When problem of saw appears, must deal with in time, must not neglect lest cause bigger loss.

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