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What is the reason that often leads to the cylinder of cutting irrigation machine?

- Aug 23, 2018 -

What is the reason that often leads to the cylinder of cutting irrigation machine?

Cutting machine (lawn mower) is in use process will appear this or that kind of problems, different problems have different solution, we should suit the remedy to the case, we must never ignore in order to avoid big problems, today to tell you about the cause of cutting machine cylinder, cutting machine start and stop a sharp sound of the reason, and the lawn mower in the work shaking or violent vibration.


What is the reason that often leads to the cylinder of cutting irrigation machine?

Drawing cylinder can be said to be a major fault of the engine of cutting irrigation machine.
There are many reasons for this fault, the main one is motor oil.
It is necessary to keep the oil clean and proper, so that the piston can move smoothly in the cylinder under the lubrication of the oil. Dirt, too much or too little of the oil will lead to poor lubrication, causing the phenomenon of pulling the cylinder.

Fault performance:

The contact surface of the crankshaft and the connecting rod is bitten dead.

Fault reason:

No lubricating oil (gasoline engine oil) was added, or lubricating oil was added but not put in place, or lubricating oil was added in place but the machine was used at an improper Angle, resulting in that the oil splashing wheel could not touch the oil, so that there was no lubricating oil or lack of lubricating oil on the contact surface of crankshaft and connecting rod, leading to no lubrication and no cooling.
Normally, if the rated working speed is a few minutes, the crankshaft and connecting rod will be killed due to the above reasons, causing the connecting rod to break and crack the cylinder.

In addition, the addition of counterfeit and shoddy machine oil will also occur.

Analysis basis:

1. All internal combustion engines, crankshaft and connecting rod bite dead (or hug dead) due to the lack of oil;

2. Sometimes, the oil stored in the machine damaged by the user does not have chip marks, indicating that there is no oil or oil less than the level that the spatter wheel can not reach during operation, or the oil in the machine memory is added after the accident, and the oil added after the accident does not participate in lubrication, so it is still clear and non-abrasive (the oil is gray-black);

3. In another case, although there is enough oil, the ramp greater than 25 degrees will be used. Because the inclination is greater than 25 degrees, the oil splashing wheel cannot reach the oil, and the above faults or other parts will be pulled (or locked) and wear will be accelerated.


Why does the cutting irrigation machine start and stop when the violent abnormal noise?

The reason for the above fault is that the bolts in the blade center are not tightened.
If the engine fails, screw down the bolt, remove the lower cutter, check for damage, and then reinstall the cutter and blade to tighten the bolt.

What reason is the lawn mower shaking or violent shaking at work?

If a lawn mower is shaking or vibrating at work, it may be that hard objects are struck during the mowing process, causing the blade to curl and deform, causing the lawn mower to vibrate.
In addition, the sharpening of the blade to the top weight also causes the lawn mower to shake.
Therefore, the blade of the lawn mower should be ground into a horizontal state on the left and right sides.

Cutting irrigation machine drawing cylinder is one of the frequent failures of cutting irrigation machine. It is suggested that professional maintenance personnel should be employed to check and repair every lawn mower before the first time of cutting grass every year, so as to prepare for a rainy day.
The main items of overhaul include: cleaning carburetor, cleaning the combustion chamber carbon deposition, checking whether the high-pressure line is unblocked, and whether the gear box is working normally, etc.

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