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Caution for four-stroke engine oil

- Aug 25, 2018 -

Caution for four-stroke engine oil

The engine oil is not allowed to start without filling the oil in the oil tank. The main function of the oil is to lubricate the moving parts of the petrol engine and to cool and heat the moving parts, clean them and prevent corrosion.
Whether the oil is good or bad and used correctly not only affects the performance and service life of the gasoline engine, but also affects the service life of the machine.
Therefore, suitable oil should be selected according to the ambient temperature of the gasoline engine.
At the lowest ambient temperature calibrated, the oil should have good fluidity and at the highest temperature appropriate kinematic viscosity, which is particularly important for air cooled gasoline engines.


However, due to the small size of the four-stroke engine of the lawn mower and the limited capacity of the oil tank, the higher working revolutions have higher requirements on the oil. Therefore, it is forbidden to use inferior oil. It is recommended to use the special oil for garden machinery!

Add to the oil pot: fill with 4T oil, put the machine flat, and the oil level to the filling port of the oil tank without overflow.
Check the oil level before each work to ensure good lubrication of the machine.

Four-stroke engine fuel: pure gasoline, labeled above 90#, recommended 93# gasoline.

No engine refueling, no fireworks when refueling!
In hot summer, due to high temperature, low air pressure, prone to gas resistance, need to strengthen the engine heat dissipation, so that oil pipe insulation.

Do not use lead gasoline as cleaning solvent oil to avoid lead poisoning.

Do not use long-term storage of spoiled gasoline, otherwise serious cementation carbon.

The flash point of gasoline is low and flammable.
Easy to generate static electricity, must follow the rules of use, custody of gasoline safety measures.

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