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What is the reason that often causes a grass cutter to pull a cylinder?

- Aug 28, 2018 -

What is the reason that often causes a grass cutter to pull a cylinder?

Cylinder can be described as a common lawnmower engine major fault, the cause of the fault are many, the main oil should belong to the oil must be kept pure sex and a moderate amount of piston to motion in the cylinder under oil lubrication fluid, oil pollution, too much or too little can cause poor lubrication, causes the scuffing phenomenon, lawn mower is checked before the oil is all the more its importance.


How to judge the cylinder phenomenon of two-stroke lawn mower engine?

The inner drawing cylinder of the cylinder shall die as long as the piston is inspected. Generally, the following geometric reasons are caused:

A. The carbon accumulation on the top of the piston and around the ring is serious, mainly caused by bad engine oil, such as using four-stroke engine oil or diesel engine oil or inferior two-stroke engine oil.

B. the air filter of the exhaust side drawing cylinder of the piston is not clean, garbage can block the carburetor fuel, the adjustment is too small or the fuel oil is added too little, so that the gas concentration into the cylinder is reduced. Due to the lack of lubrication caused by the leakage of paper pad insulator, the cylinder is easy to be drawn at high temperature.

C. The underside drawing cylinder of the piston intake port is basically water intake, such as the use of rain and snow. Water enters the cylinder from the air filter, so that the lubricating oil film is flushed and mixed by water.

D. The side drawing cylinder of the piston's air inlet is caused by entering garbage from the air filter. Main reasons:

The filter element is forgotten;
Frequent cleaning;

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