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The advantages of lawn mower and its proper use method

- May 03, 2018 -

The advantages of lawn mower and its proper use method

The lawn mower, also called the lawn mower, the cutting irrigation machine, is widely used.
Mainly used in the botanical garden decorative trim, grass green trim, city streets, green spots, rural clip, the field weed control, especially the grass in the park and the plains, football and other use pasture, private villas, garden and agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry area vegetation nap, can also be used at the time of the autumn harvest.
Nowadays, the commonly used mower is a gasoline mower, and a gasoline saw.
What are the advantages of a lawn mower?
What do we need to do when we use a lawn mower?
How do you do it correctly?
Let me give you a brief introduction today.


Four advantages of lawn mower:

1. High efficacy: generally, each mower can be mowed 8 x 667m2 per day, and its efficacy is 16 times that of artificial weeding (0.5x 667m2).

Second, the efficiency is good: because the lawn mower is spinning fast, the cutting effect is good to the orchard weed, especially the cutting effect of the weeds with high tenderness is better.
Usually weeding 3 times a year, basically can meet the weeding requirement.

Three, keep the soil and water conservation: artificial use hoe weeding, because in weeding and loosening the topsoil, so often can lead to a certain amount of soil erosion, on TiKan artificial weeding, caused by soil erosion is more serious.
The lawn mower is used to cut grass, because it is only to cut off the ground part of the weeds, which has little effect on the soil surface, and the solid soil effect of the grass roots, which is beneficial to soil and water conservation.

Four, increase fertility: using mowers mowing, after going to stay weeds grow to a certain height, cut down a lot of weeds covering orchard, but also when the orchard fertilizer, increase soil fertility.

Lawn mower use range: applicable to the plains and hills, terraces, orchards, such as triangle size block reeds, alfalfa grass, fish and other kinds of weeds, simple operation, high efficiency (mainly knapsack lawn mower).

The advantages of lawn mower and its proper use method.

The use of lawn mowers.
Use a lawn mower to weed the grass. It works better when weeds grow to 10-13cm.
If the weeds grow too high, they should be done in two steps. First, cut the upper part and then the lower part.
When using a lawnmower, hold it with both hands and keep a certain gradient on the side of the fruit tree, so that the grass can be cut down to the edge of the tree as much as possible.
It can save fuel consumption and improve working efficiency.

Proper use of mower.

Before starting the mower, ensure sufficient fuel in the tank, and two stroke mowers use mixed oil.
The four-stroke mower USES pure gasoline, and the habit of checking the lubricating oil regularly is necessary.
We should also ensure that all parts are connected securely and reliably, especially with blades.

After checking the lawnmower, you can start the mower.
After start-up, the mower will operate at a low speed for 3-5 minutes to fully warm up to better protect the gasoline engine.
In the preheating process, it can accelerate properly and check whether the blade is normal or not.
It can turn off the gasoline engine in time to check whether the function of the switch is good and effective.

When we are using a toothed burclover mowing the lawn, should guarantee the dozen toothed burclover nylon rope stretched out for 5-10 cm in length, if too long, because the load bigger influence the service life of the engine, and causes the damage of grass baffle plate;
If it is too short, the operation efficiency will be reduced.
Nylon cord to use for a period of time will be shorter due to wear and tear, we will play toothed burclover gently touching the ground, as long as the nylon cord will be automatically thrown elongation, if the length is not enough, can be repeatedly touch a few times more, until the nylon rope is 5-10 cm long.
When the nylon rope is finished, it can be taken apart and the new nylon rope is wound around the rope wheel.

The advantages of lawn mower and its proper use method.

When we use the blade cutting grass, don't put the blade to the grass lawn, commonly into 1/2, the blade of the diameter of the straw stalk harder grass, to reach the 1/3 of the diameter of the blade.
Shrub, use the blade cutting shrub operation should be performed in the same horizontal plane along the bushes around cutting, cutting is thick bushes, should fall in the direction of the surface of the bush and cut a hole, about a third of the diameter of the cut depth of shrubs, and then the shrubs cut away from the other side of the bushes.
The cutting ensures that the blade will not be clamped during the cutting process and will control the direction of the bush falling.


Once again, the important note of the lawn mower is emphasized:

1. The straw head can only be used for cutting grass, and it is strictly prohibited to cut shrubs.

2. It is strictly forbidden to cut shrubs with two teeth blades;

3. Three-teeth blade cutting shrubs should not be more than 1cm in diameter;

4. The diameter of the cutting shrub of the carbide multi-tooth blade should not exceed 6cm.

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