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The basic knowledge of mower and its operation method

- May 02, 2018 -

The basic knowledge of mower and its operation method

Lawn mower is also called mower, lawnmower, Lawn mower, etc.
The lawn mower is a kind of mechanical tool used to mow the lawn, vegetation, etc. It is composed of cutter, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, armrest and control part.

Knife plate installed on the walking wheel, engine to be provided and mounted on the cutter blade mounted on the engine output shaft, high-speed rotating blade using engine in terms of speed increase a lot, saved the weeding workers operation time, reduce a lot of human resources.


Lawn mower is mainly used in the botanical garden decorative trim, grass green trim, city streets, green spots, rural clip, the field weed control, especially the grass in the park and the plains, football and other use pasture, private villas, garden and agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry area vegetation nap, can also be used at the time of the autumn harvest.

However, the lawn mower has certain limitations in the countryside field, land head, and mountain mowing, mainly because of the uneven terrain, power supply mode and the weight portability of the mower.

Nowadays, the commonly used mower is a gasoline mower, and a gasoline saw.
It is widely used for lawn mowing and landscaping in park lawn, green belt, factory lawn, golf course, home garden, lawn, orchard and so on.

The characteristics of

It is characterized by working flat, simple operation, and the cutting of the object, mainly grass cutting, suitable for high-yielding grassland and large parks.
On the lawn mower on the cutter and the moving knife knife relative shear movement of cutting grass, its characteristic is stubble, the required power is small, but forage on the adaptability of poor, easy to jam, applicable to plain, natural and artificial grassland pastures.
The production and use of rotary mowers began in the mid-1980s.
Cut grass with blade impact on high - speed rotary blade.
With the improvement of science and technology, many new work ability enhancement of the lawn mower product, in terms of speed increase a lot, save the weeding workers work time, save a lot of human resources.


Wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers, prohibit wearing loose clothing, wearing a helmet, goggles, had better put on ear cover to avoid the noise, the quality of a material is not easy to slide shoes, forbidden to wear slippers or bare feet using machines.

Do not operate in hot or cold climates for long periods of time.

People who are not allowed to get drunk, cold or sick, children and people who are not familiar with the correct operation of the mowing machine operate the mower.

Refuel after the engine stops running and cools.

Avoid overspill when refueling, and wipe clean if overflow.

The machine can start at least 1 meter away from the object.

The machine must be used outdoors in good ventilation.

Check whether the blade is sharp or worn before each use, and whether the clutch screw is fastened.

9. Due to the large sound of some machine motor, it should be avoided to use the rest time during the rest time.

Start-up inspection

Check the tank for leaking oil.

The blade must be replaced without an abnormal blade.

Make sure the engine is not in danger zone.

When you start the engine, you need to grasp the lever to avoid losing control.

Make sure the blade is away from the ground before starting, and no contact with other objects.

Be sure to use the spare parts supplied by the manufacturer, especially the blade.

Check whether the complete cover is locked.

Matters needing attention

If the machine is in operation the abnormal vibration must stop the engine to stop using immediately.

You must operate the machine with both hands, and do not work with one hand.

The side of the engine muffler should be out in order to avoid scalding.

Be careful to adjust the oil when used. The mower is a mixture of oil, otherwise it will damage the electrical opportunity.
After use, pour out the oil as much as possible.

Mowing methods

Because the blade is left to the left, the efficient operation is to cut the grass from left to right.

The most efficient mowing is the cutting of two-thirds of the diameter of the blade to the weed.

Attention should be paid after operation.

After use, wrap the blade so that you don't accidentally injure others or yourself.

If you don't need to clear the fuel tank for a few days to avoid a fire.

Make sure the blade is completely stopped and clean and repair.

Remove the spark plug to prevent accidental fire.

Wait until the engine is completely cooled and then stored.

Store the machine in a cool, dry place and prevent children from touching it.

Add lubricating oil to the gear box every 25 hours or 3 days.

Clean air filters and spark plugs every 50 hours or 8 days.

Clean silencer and drum every 100 hours or 15 days.

Use butter on the blade for long periods of time to avoid rust.

11. After use, the blade should be placed beyond the reach of children.


Homework preparation

A series of checks and preparations must be carried out before the lawn mower works.
Will stop the machine in a horizontal position, first check the fuel tank and the cooling water tank, open the tank cover, adding suitable amount of cooling water, according to the requirements of the manual cover the tank cover, open the cap and join conforms to the requirements of fuel, fuel don't add too full, cover and tighten the cap, check the tire pressure is normal, is insufficient to inflatable in time, check whether the cutting disc is operating normally, the cutter is in good condition, the transmission belt, there should be no crack pressure pulley effective work, or you'll change in time or adjustment.
Put transmission clutch handle, cutter clutch handle all in separate locations, gear lever in the neutral position, cutter belt wheel pressure to loosen, walking into the position, put the throttle lever in the middle, with the crank to start the engine, after start-up, gently step on the gas, pushing transmission clutch handle to combine location.
Then articulated the forward at low speed, the lawn mower started to walk, when working in close distance from the village, the lawn mower was able to go to the destination, because the lawn mower walking speed is slow, if the distance is far away, there should be the means of transport.

Come out after when the lawn mower to stop the machine, make further adjustment, the device of two walking wheels wheel base can be adjusted, we take a look at, one side of the tire is through a bolt connection on the drive shaft, the shaft has three connection socket, on the tyre connect different position, are two different wheel track, on the grass slope is bigger, the wide-track can better adapt to the ground.
Move the cutter to the working position, adjust the cutter according to the height requirement of the stubble, and adjust the height of the cutter mainly by adjusting the position of these two screws.
Tighten the connection screws on the blade on the blade and tighten the connection screws on the guard cover.
Separate two clutch in position, idling, restart the engine, slowly step on the gas and slowly connection cutter clutch handle, cut plate began to work, and in combination with transmission clutch, then articulated the forward at low speed, the lawn mower started to work.

The operation process

The small lawn mower operation is simpler, when working in the first operation path selection is more flexible, because small turning radius, machine is not flexible, because machines small turning radius, without walking dead Angle, generally let the lawn mower, lawn mower forward speed can choose gear according to the terrain, the density of grass.
When the local area is not smooth and the grass density is high, choose the low speed gear, and vice versa.
In the process of operation, the two clutch tension wheel handle has been combined with the location, in the process of operation, the engine at high speed, then the joint or separate tension wheel handle, easy to damage the machine.
Therefore, the operator does not need to move the two handles during the cutting process. The operation process is relatively simple. The driver only needs to hold the handle and control the walking route of the lawn mower.

Job, shall, from time to time, carefully observe the homework in front of the topography, if encounter hole, high hills, should slow down, around, or high-speed cutting DaoHui playing a lot of dust, adverse to the operator and machine.
This machine is only suitable for slopes with slopes below 25 degrees. When the slope is too high, the lubricating oil can not be lubricated to all moving parts, and the long operation can damage the engine.
When the machine is working, it should be kept away from the lawn mower and the small stones that the cutter will roll up to hurt others.

After completion of assignments, disconnect two clutch handle, then reduce the throttle, idling, stop walking, throttle, closing out the engine, the moving cutter pressure pulley to walk, to start the engine again, under the driver's operation, lawn mower can walk home.

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