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The cause of the noise failure of the chain saw engine

- May 17, 2018 -


The chain saw is a hand-held garden machine which is powered by gasoline engine and saw chain as cutting part. It is widely used in landscaping maintenance.
Chain saw engine is the main chain saw parts of chain saw dynamics, it consists of connecting rod, crankshaft, cylinder, piston, engine in the event of failure, will seriously affect the overall operation of chain saw, therefore, know something about chain saw engine fault is very necessary, the following is on the chain saw engine noise analysis of the inspection.

The cause of the noise failure of the chain saw engine.

Engine starting or work process, can appear sometimes put "gun" carburetor, muffler, cylinder or crankcase with metal beat each other, other mechanical parts of the abnormal sound, etc., all these, generally referred to as the engine noise.
Once the engine has noise, especially in the cylinder or crankcase, it should be stopped and checked. In time, it will not be idle, otherwise it will cause a bigger failure or accident.

1. Engine "gun"

When the engine starts or runs, there is sometimes a boom in the carburetor or muffler, and the chain saws sometimes even smoke in the air cleaner and come out with oil mist.
Starting with a hand phenomenon (crankshaft reversal), which is caused by the incorrect point time of the magnetic motor.
Because the ignition is too early, the explosive force of the burning work mixture will push the piston to the bottom and turn the crankshaft backward.
After combustion, the exhaust gas is replaced by a vent, a crankcase, a vent, a carburetor, and a "cannon" is fired.
Ignition too late, same job mixture is not completely has been burning for air way into fresh mixture driven to vent, the formation of combustion and exhaust (namely outbreaks continue to burn in vent place, appeared peng put "gun" sound).
In addition, there is water in the fuel, and there are also "cannons" in contact with platinum.


2.There is a knock in the cylinder or crankcase.

In the process of starting or running the engine at low speed, there is sometimes a knock in the cylinder or in the crankcase.
This is because the sawing machine USES a long time, the cylinder wall forms the ellipse, the cylinder and the piston clearance is too large, the piston pin and the connecting rod small end, crankshaft and the connecting rod big end needle roller bearing wear excessive.
The above failure will cause the engine power to drop and overheat.
At this time, should stop use, carry on repair change.

The cause of the noise failure of the chain saw engine.

3. Abnormal acoustics of other parts of the engine.

The abnormal sound of the other parts of the engine is caused by the loose or damage of the parts fastening elements, thus causing the collision between the two.
Such as flywheel and guide air cover, cylinder and cylinder cover, these external faults, as long as a little attention to observation, is not difficult to find.

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