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The chain saw you used was broken again? That's because you're not professional when you're shopping!

- May 23, 2018 -

The chain saw you used was broken again?
That's because you're not professional when you're shopping!


1. Check the chain tension of the chain frequently.

Please turn off the engine and wear protective gloves when checking and adjusting.
The suitable condition is that when the chain is attached to the lower part of the guide plate, the hand can pull the chain.

2. The chain must always spill a little oil.


Check chain lubrication and lubricating oil tank oil level before work.
A chain without lubrication must not work, such as working with a dry chain, resulting in damage to the cutting device.

Never use old motor oil.

The old engine oil cannot meet the lubrication requirement, not suitable for chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the oil tank does not decrease, it may be that the lubrication transport fails.


Should check the chain lubrication, check the oil road.
It can also lead to a poor supply of lubricants through contaminated filters.
Clean or replace the lubricating oil strainer in the tank and pump.

5. After replacing and installing the new chain, it will take 2 to 3 minutes to finish the chain.

Check the tensioning of the chain after grinding, and adjust it if necessary.
The new chain needs to be tensioned more often than it has been for some time.
In a cold state, the chain must be stuck to the bottom of the guide plate, but the chain can be moved by hand.
Tighten the chain if necessary.
When the working temperature reaches the working temperature, the chain expansion is slightly pendulous, and the driving section below the guide plate cannot be removed from the chain slot. Otherwise, the chain will jump ship and need to be re-tensioned.

The chain must be relaxed after work.

The chain will shrink when it is cooled, and no loose chain will damage the crankshaft and the bearing.
If the chain is tensioned at work, the chain contracts when it is cooled, and the chain is too tight to damage the crankshaft and the bearing.

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