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The city has fully extended the work of landscaping improvement

- Jun 28, 2018 -

The city has fully extended the work of landscaping improvement


For the implementation of the provincial party committee secretary guo-sheng wang to visit our city research instruction spirit, surrounding the secretary guo-sheng wang pointed out that "the green level to the deeper, tree planting of standard must be a little higher" instructions, in accordance with the municipal party committee, municipal government unified arrangement deployment, the city urban management bureau to take responsibility, to guide carried out five area in the city landscaping work.

1. Comprehensive screening, quick planting and planting.
Five districts make full use of the golden time in the rest of the spring is very limited, around QueZhu discontinuity, the problem such as disease die old, loess bare, road, garden, each point, each tree to trawl the registration, set up problem parameter, quick statistics within their respective jurisdictions require replanting trees we plant varieties, specifications, quantity and position, clear rectification time limit and responsibility, layers of strengthen responsibility, make sure all urban greening replanting plant mission on May 15 big head fall to the ground, completed before the end of may.
Also asked five area about their reporting of replanting plant parameter check is perfect, the report as soon as possible the city urban management bureau, the municipal urban management bureau reported to the government DuZhaShi issued inspection notice, as district greening replanting job basis and cash basis.
District to combine all kinds of trees, after the completion of plant growth habits and characteristics, to strengthen the maintenance and management of plant trees in time, do a good job, watering, pruning, and support to ensure maximum seedling survival rate and the effect of landscape.                                                    

Second, seize the golden opportunity and speed up project construction.

In 2018, according to the central city ecological garden city promotion project implementation plan ", district, according to the division of responsibilities, grasp the golden season in spring green replanting, inverted tasks, to speed up the construction schedule, to promote afforestation project construction.
For projects that have not started yet, set up the account of the preparatory process, actively communicate with relevant departments, compress the preliminary preparation time, and complete the preliminary preparation as soon as possible.
In view of the projects already started, we carefully sorted out all aspects of the project construction, optimized the construction plan, increased personnel and equipment investment, advanced in parallel and pressed stubble.
At the same time, strict planning and design, project quality and completion inspection, strengthening maintenance management in the later period, achieving seamless connection between construction and management, ensuring that all greening tasks are completed on time, quality and quantity.
In addition, each district should strengthen the responsibility of territorial management and take overall responsibility for all road greening within its jurisdiction, requiring that all road engineering greening parts must be organized and implemented by each district garden department.

3. Improve the management level and implement fine management.
All districts strictly implement the relevant national laws and regulations, technical standards and norms on afforestation, and vigorously promote the grid and refined management model of landscaping.
According to the difficulty of green space management and the characteristics of plant growth season, the maintenance plan is formulated, the management and maintenance table account is established, and the hierarchical maintenance is carried out to provide the guarantee for the implementation of the management and maintenance operation.

DSC_4759.JPG     First, strengthen daily management and maintenance.
To strengthen the water of landscaping plants, fertilization, pruning, cleaning and so on daily maintenance work, especially on the urban road, garden, square in the hedgerow, grass, trees on a full clip plastic, to ensure the city's green grade and landscape effect.
Second, we will prevent and control diseases and insect pests.
We will continue to adopt biological control measures to prevent and control plant diseases and insect pests, expand the types and scope of biological control, and continue to improve the urban ecological environment.
Third, we will prevent and control willow catkins.
In accordance with the operational procedures, expanding the scope of the prevention and control, with the method of injection of willow -- inhibitors, from the source to governance, effective control of the willows --, than usual -- to decrease more than 90%.
Fourth, do a good job in personnel technical training.
We will strengthen technical training for front-line greening and maintenance personnel, and actively carry out skills competitions for posts, so as to promote the transformation of the city's landscaping management from extensive to refined.

4. Strengthen supervision and inspection and create a propaganda atmosphere.
To further improve the assessment of landscape management specific standards, index system and evaluation methods, and custody work around the city botanical garden afforestation project construction, all-weather, high frequency in the supervision inspection;
In-depth field scene, vigorously promotes the project progress, adhere to the "day of screening assessment of supervision, weeks, month, season ranking", establish parameter, have changes for each road, garden, square, strengthen inspections, XiaoHao management, avoid problems appeared again and again;
Give full play to the role of the digital platform, strengthen the supervision of the city's landscaping problems division, strengthen tracking efficiencies, ensure problem rectification in place, to achieve the city's landscaping work of normalized long-term management.
At the same time, give full play to the television, newspapers, radio, Internet and other media public opinion guide, take "more carrier, multimedia, multi-channel", a combination of strong universal typical, good experience, good practice, timely public exposure opposite model, encourage advanced, lash junior, in the city build the thick atmosphere of consolidating the national ecological garden city.


Strengthen work discipline to ensure safety and stability.
District garden department attaches great importance to, further enhance the implementation of the work discipline, garden a line worker green dress uniform clothes at work, conscientiously observed fixed-point work system, not without reason left early.
At the same time, strictly enforce the virescence maintenance standards, in accordance with the unified, standardized process, take the necessary protective measures, the correct use of trimmer, chain saw, bamboo ladder, spray and other mechanical equipment, do construction work, does not affect the surrounding people, traffic safe passage.

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